A Picture That Caught Our Attention!!!

Yesterday afternoon the infamous @AdvBarryRoux of Twitter posted an image of two males sitting comfortably together at a wedding reception that took place over the weekend.

clears throat It’s the festive season and we are not saying anything about this beautiful image. However should you care to know of some allegations made:  November, 20, 2017

We came across a free magazine called Gaz’lam while we were donating blood Sunday and the cover girl was our ultimate girl crush Zizo Beda Tshwete. Her husband Mayihlome Tshwete is alleged to be doing the most in these streets. The allegations are of infidelity with both sexes. If the allegations are true Zizo has bagged herself a double adapter of a husband which is nothing new there’s a loooooooooooong list, we’re also on it. One mole said Mayi is close to disclosing to his wife about his other ways. Thixo! Can people declare their sexual fantasies to their partners during the dating stages, siyacela bandla.READ HERE

in July, 23, 2018 we also wrote:

The following story is heartbreaking and makes us really sad. Theo of Sunday Sun writes of tough times between Zizo and husband Mayihlome Tshwete. A friend and fan of Zeeba sent us this grab. We say Zizo must change her friends as they’ve always known what her husband is doing behind her back. Divorce may not be a bad thing for her after all. or you can… READ HERE

It is alleged that Mayihlome is happy not living with his wife, but we will explore that story for you in 2019…


Zeeba & Team.

Image : Twitter.


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