A Relationship With The Lord!

Before we open the movement to entertain (or not), I said to myself ha.a maarn Zolani, before the gossip give your readers the word first. Give them something more valuable to carry through their days and that would be in the form of scripture. So, from today on-wards I will do all I can to give a word.

Today I would like you (reading this) to say this prayer. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. You could be in prison,at work, in hospital on a taxi or train. It does not matter! Say this prayer.

Dear Lord, please grant me the capacity to receive and give this year and beyond in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen!

This prayer is to open your capacity, you cannot expect to receive God’s blessings on a small platter. Expectant hearts are the most rewarded. The good book says, ask and you shall receive.

Above all, try build a relationship with God. Like in a relationship, you cannot expect your lover to love you back if you don’t love them. A Relationship comprises of giving as well as taking. If you’re relationship, and you’re ALWAYS giving then my friend there’s something wrong there. There’s somethings wrong with that relationship. The very same applies if you’re in a relationship whereby you ALWAYS receiving. A relationship with God means, honour Him. Honour Him by reading the book. Strengthen that relationship by communicating (Prayer) with the Lord.

Let’s put God first today and everything is going to be alright!

Have a blessed day!

Zeeba Masombuka


If you think it, do it!

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