We’re more than just a blog….

Zeeba.co.za is not a blog, we’re more than that, as we’re an online channel. We cater to all sexes with platforms such as Gossip, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Fashion, Jobs, Lifestyle and much much more.

We offer all our published articles in audio which are perfect for the blind, dyslexic and for safety reasons… (you can’t read and drive/walk/clean at the very same time) the audio version allows readers to do all they want to do while listening to a published article at Zeeba.


We’re a year old and we’ve managed to build up a solid following. According to Google analytics, we’re sitting at almost 4 million hits! Ain’t that amazing!

Our ultimate objectives are; to bring forth humour, educate and be our reader’s information channel and through entertaining and fresh content. We are known for leaving no stones unturned when it comes to events; entertainment news coverage;etc

Above all, be relatable in all spheres hence our tag-line: Zeeba, Everything Entertainment or Not!






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