Azania Sounding Like A Senseless Parent!

We discovered that @Shameless_?? the girl that posted about being tapped by??Quavo of Migos is Azania Mosaka’s daughter, like a lioness Azania came to her daughter’s defense.

We reported @Shameless posted this tweet of her being tapped by Quavo. What does tapping mean? Does it mean a tap on the shoulder??or s*x?

Shamiso went on to say she was invited by Quavo to chill with them. mmmhh

This tweet is fine from mother Aza.

We see nothing wrong here either.

Sounding like any other mother, which is okay.

Still okay Aza, most kids at the show were given money or tickets by elders.

Good Aza!

Now, you’re being delusional sesi.

Azania being more delusional. better yet tell us what did your daughter say to you, maybe just maybe we won’t think you’re losing sight of things here.

Complete and Utter B/S.

Sesi your kids should just stay away from cyber space if they can’t handle the heat. This is sad as parents we only see a problem was a problem occurs. A problem starts when you allows things to happen. if you then allow things to happen you must also be open to the consequences it will bring. Some are good and some bad.


We should not be a generation of human beings that only recognizes wrong when it hits home. Sadly we don’t have kids of our own, but we tell our nephews and nieces??the truth with one golden rule. DON’T LET YOUR ACTIONS AFFECT OTHERS NEGATIVELY!??We can’t tell you how many times they’ve fallen short, but??we never, not once did we make them think they’re correct while fixing them problem.


Twitter is a??public space, Azania should know better,??she should have just??kept quiet (on social platforms) and dealt with her daughter privately.


We don’t promote cyber bullying we’re just saying defending something bring forth the truth in your defense as we all get ridiculed by faceless internet people.


Zeeba & Team

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