Faith Is Key To Unlock The Wonders!!!

Begin to say what I have said. As you speak My word, My word will supersede the circumstances in your life. My word causes faith to come, and faith moves the mountains. Faith causes, in fact, provokes you to take the corresponding action that shifts situations and things change for the better. Trust your faith. Use your faith. Have faith in your faith, for it is the gift of My Spirit, and you can always trust what originates in Me.

When I brought you forth into the earth, I didn’t have failure in mind. I didn’t have suffering in mind. I didn’t have disappointment in mind. Those things exist because of the fall and the consequences of the fall. I gave you My word to act as a container of deposited glory to be released against every contamination of sin and the curse in your life. Receive My word. Stand on My word. Act on My word, and you will see faith’s corresponding action revolutionize your life. This is your portion, and it is your assignment this day, says God.


If you think it, do it!

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