Halala Trevor Noah Halala!

Jonga u-Trevor Noah is slaying and he is not playing on his home field he does his thing internationally baba!

Trevor Noah’s books Born A Crime has won a number of accolades but this time it’s making headlines of being developed to a be a feature film starring the ecstatic actress Lupita Nyongo who will play Trevor Noah’s mother on the movie. Lupita will not only be acting on the film, she will also exercise her hand at co-producing too.


While Trevor says he’s in heaven some South Africans feel Lupita and (other international actors) are not worthy to play in the film as they will mess up the accent, while others feel they will do great!

We agree, South Africa has a number of well polished actors, but we know it’s all about pulling in the rand-dollars at the end of the day, so with that being said South Africa at this moment does not have bank-able actors… on the flip side we need people to trust in our actors and give them a platform to take on big roles in big international movies so that we can say South African actors are bank-able. For now let’s wait for that producer/director who will be brave enough to give a South African actor that big break!

We wonder how it feels to be Trevor Noah these days?


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Twitter


If you think it, do it!

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