Have You Tried The New KFC Wrap Yet?

Oh guys it’s a public holiday, workers day ebile and I know some families or family members will be lazy to cook. Because I know I will not be cooking today, in fact there’s no cooking in the house today. No-one will be slaving behind the stove at the Masombuka compound. Today we’re getting lazy.  And we suggest, I suggest your try out the new KFC Wrap. You can have it as part of your breakfast, especially for those that had a heavy night. The wrap has a chillie sauce in it. So that would cover the hangover.

The KFC wrap comprise of a Minnie wrap, a packet of chips, drumstick and a drink for just under R50… it’s R49.90. This wrap meal can fill even the hungriest of the hungry. Like it’s a full package nje. If you love chips you get chips. If you love meat you get meat. if you love a wrap you get a wrap. It’s a win all around.

Perfect for any kind of family.

I never mentioned this, Gomo never fancies KFC, at all. But this was the end-result. He loves chillies in his food so the wrap was easy peasy for him to swallow. Gomo also loves loves loves meat. This relationship worked out fine, but not for the chips. He did not enjoy them, while I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed everything.

In Gomo, KFC has found a fan, you too could be like Gomo just try out the new KFC Wrap and you will not be disappointed.


Happy Workers Day Everyone!


Zeeba Masombuka

Images: Zeeba

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