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Hello Welcome to How’s Your weekend. The Team and I have really missed this space we hope you did too… A lot has happened work is hectic (9-5), I’ve started on a new weight loss program because I feel I’m big, for many reasons I’m not comfortable buying large and extra large tops not to mention 38/40 pants. Hayi angekhe sbali! I will share the weight loss program and we maybe we can do it together, that would be nice don’t you think?

Without wasting anytime, let’s take a look at what the newspapers covered. Both our tabloids headlined with Pearl Modiade’s break-up story. We opted to cover that story separately.

Celebrity splitville has begun, this time former Generations actor Thami Mngqolo and Jo-Anne Reyneke called it quits after 10 years of pushing at it. The two announced their break-up on a joint statement Saturday; on the statement they say they both sat down and agreed that breaking-up is the right thing to do for all parties involved. Thami Mngqolo is famous for his role of Senzo on Generations and Jo-Anne yena had played the receptionist role on Muvhango for the longest time before she chose to leave.

Cause for the break-up: The streets are saying Thami was cheating. While others say Jo-Anne was tired of being the only bread winner.

I can just imagine how this break-up is affecting the family, I am very much acquainted to Thami’s brother and I know how he loved JoAnne with his big brother. Thami and Jo-Anne loved each other so much, they were rides for real, suffer together and get high together like Bonnie and Clyde. But hey! Life is like that right? you win some and some you lose.

Sunday Sun reports that one of SA’s fitness bunnies Sbahle Mpisane’s life is under threat. This comes after the paper has gotten information that Sbahle has opened a case of extortion at Umbilo Police Station in KwaZulu Natal. The paper says Sbahle complained that she is getting texts and phone-calls from an unknown man demanding a lump-sum of 80k from her.

Eish this story does not make sense to me, maybe with more info like why is the unknown guy demanding money from Sbhale might make me understand it better, for now we wait and see.

Riky Rick is reported as the latest celebrity to be “robbed” off their belongings, but Riky’s case is a tad different because the alleged crook is his helper. Sunday Sun claims rapper Riky Rick’s (real name Rikhado Makhado) helper has helped herself by taking all the money he kept in his home safe as well as some of his expensive jewellery. The helper is Zimbabwean and has gone AWOL since the incident happened last week. Riky is said to be distraught that he cancelled all his public performances until further notice.

Askies Riky boy, when you’re done feeling sorry for yourself call your insurance and claim and if you don’t have house-hold insurance, this experience would be best for you to get one!

Ezibuhlungu don’t to end when it comes to veteran radio presenter Mthobeli “KCI” August. First he was put off air for allegedly disrespecting management, to be brought back to have co-presenters on his show which was a mess to say the least to be moved to a weekend graveyard slot. The paper says KCI says he does not have energy for that place and don’t even want to talk about it…

Baze bamphatha kakubi omnye umntana kodwa. I used to religiously listen to his drive-time show until they brought the two stogies on, I stopped. I hope he will find something better somewhere.

  • Singer Busisiwe “Cici” Twala has been dealt a big blow after the court has rejected her application to remove the prosecutor on her case of assault with former boyfriend Arthur Mafokate.
  • Kwaito Kids *now men* Mzambiya (real name Nkosinathi Zwane) 31, and Msawawa (real name Sboniso Dlamini) 28 are said to have united in studio by bringing us their new hit Imoto ka Shugela . Have you heard the single, tell us whatcha think, we’re dying to know!

That’s it! Catch us again next week!



Images: Zeeba/Instagram/Google.


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