Idols SA Top 7 Show-Stopper Songs!

It’s lights on, action this evening on Idols as the Top 8 will be down to top 7 to give us their show stopping performances. Show stopper shows is where hopefuls get to break everything on the stage to impress the judges as well as the voting public. They will need to shake their booty, dance and be expected to sing at the same time all in efforts to show us that they’re worthy of the votes. Today’s show is really for the contestants to do their best, choose the bestest of songs and give us performances that will last in our minds to the finale and beyond. The best advise we can give to the contestants is, leave blood on the floor tonight and perform as if there’s no tomorrow!

And below it the list of songs your Top 7/8 will sing for us this evening:

Zamagambu Memela who wants to be know as  Xae has chosen to sing Amerie’s 1 Thing , the song is perfect for a showstopper, however it needs energy because each note goes with a beat and subsequently should go with a dance. 1 Thing is a high energy song and we have no doubt that the Idols Band can pull this off, our concern is Xae. Xae should not try be clever with this song by downing it as it will work against her not to mention that this song is WAY PAST her peers. Only her performance will save her should she make it to the Top 7 and she can proceed to Top 6 and beyond. We can’t help, but to agree to what the judges said to Xae, song choice is key, song choice really is key!

Nosipho Silinda is a sharp high pitched toned singer, you can sommer say she is a soprano, for people with her voice tone it is paramount that they understand their tone first before choosing songs they would normally enjoy singing.. maybe at home or ko-Lungisa in their Townships. They should always keep in mind that Idols is a competition, on top of choosing an appropriate song understanding your tone of voice is as important. She blew us away 3 weeks ago when she sang Sia’s Alive but weeks after that her song choices (not that they were not good) were not working well for her tone. Should she make it to the Top 7 she will sing Ariana Grande‘s Into You. We see her killing the song the only thing she should work on is to own the stage.

The small dynamite that is Thando Mngomezulu plans to kill us with Beyonce‘s Single Ladies. Beautiful song, great song choice *deep sigh* but will she be able to pull it off?  We’re not particularly Beyonce fans, but this song rocks as it is one of her best work to-date. Thando was warned by the judges from theatre week to refrain from trying to sing and sound like Beyonce… Well we now know she is a Beyonce fan and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Because not so along she chose to brave Destiny’s Child Bills bills bills. That should have been proof enough. The only gripe we might have with her about this song is the dance moves, Single Ladies is not Single Ladies without the dance moves. We know people like abo- Thabiso Makhubela and most South Africans (and some gay folks) know the dance moves to Single Ladies, so being able to sing the song (because everyone will be singing along with her) is definitely not going to be the voting public’s driver but dancing to the song properly will. We hope she worked those moves! Without the dance moves there’s no Single Ladies!

Niyaaz Arendse chose a song right in his element, he is singing Chris Brown‘s Turn Up The Music. The only thing we would want from him is to DANCE!!!!!

We’re over Lincoln Lewis (for now) we feel he is cheesy and thinks the competition is a play-ground. Should he make it to the Top 7 tonight he will sing DNCECake By The Ocean.

It’s quite comical that Basimane Boys Melato aka King B chose a song we tried to sing at our house on Friday evening, Inde is one of Siyamthanda‘s favourite songs which we discovered this past December. Heavy K sings the song with Bucie and Nokwazi a beautiful song and we hope King B will respect Bucie’s parts on the song not be his aggressive self on the verses but he can take on Nkwazi’s part with boldness.

Yanga Sobetwa will sing Letta Mbulu‘s Not Yet Uhuru… for the life in our bones we have nothing to say about this, but wish her luck. *maybe this child was drunk when she chose this song, it just does not make any sense that a sixteen year old would choose to sing a song like this as a showstopper*

Thato Makape wants to wow us with Naakmusiq‘s Mamelani. We really struggle to see Naak as a vocalist and we don’t know the song. To you too, GOOD LUCK!


Guest Artist for this evening will be Dladla Mshunqisi Ft Distruction Boyz & DJ Tira – “Pakisha” but Tira will not be there!


Zeeba & Team.

Images Supplied by Mzansi Magic.


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