Masechaba Ndlovu Calls It Quit After Trying For The 2nd Time!

Bathi Twitter was lit late last night when radio and television personality (read opinionated) Masechaba Ndlovu called quits on her marriage through a statement. This is Masechaba second try at this marriage thing the first husband businessman Mfundo Ntsibande dirvoced him and claimed she was young and immature in that marriage. We are waiting for her reason on why she decided to walk out of this one with Vusi Ndlovu as well.

This is the statement that got people talking. 

Mampintsha weighed in with the shade.

Shady comment!

But, whatever the reasons may-be we’re happy she’s walking away to find her happiness!


Zeeba & Team.

Audio clip: Augz.

Images: Google/Twitter.



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