Meet The New KFC Zinger Chutney Burger!

Saturday evening we were out at the Longmeadow in Monte Casino Fourways to witness the launch of a new relationship, a relationship between KFC’s Zinger Burger with Mrs Balls Chutney under the #NowTogether campaign. Jozi was a bit chilly in the evening and the rain kept creeping in and out as it saw fitted, but that did not deter us as the personnel at OrchadOn25 told us that they got us covered should the rain decide to invade the picnic. And they did just that. For what could’ve been a nice out-door picnic on the grass ended up a best indoor picnic ever. An amazing contingency on the organizing team, we must say!

As you walk in the venue you’re greeted by delicious finger food(s), they had meat-balls, garlic bread, samoosa’s and of-course Mrs. Balls Original chutney as s dip… what a perfect combination.

From getting finger foods and something to drink, you get to choose where you want to be seated, with whomever you wish to share the table with. Dimmed lights and candle light were the order of the evening. It was fitting perfectly for the event.

Live music was catered for, Langa Mavuso is one incredible artist.

But before we could taste the New KFC’s Zinger Chutney Burger, we had Lebo Sekere giving us some house keeping rules as well as introducing KFC’s creatives to us.

Suhayl Limbada Marketing Director for Innovations at KFC told us that the first time he tasted the Zinger Burger with Mrs Balls Chutney, he knew it was a winning combination.

This here is Mike Woods of KFC, Mike gave us a run down of how KFC got Mrs Balls to agree to pair with them.

The presentation titled ROMANCE WITH THE COLONEL!

KFC took the first bold step and contacted Mrs Balls on social media.

KFC Delivered Zinger Burgers to Mrs Balls staff at their offices and composed a love song.

Mrs Balls proved to be a tough cookie to impress, but Colonel and his staff did not despair until Mrs Balls gave in.

After the Modern love story presentation, we got our teeth on the fabulous burger.

Finally, for the very first time in our thirty odd years of living we tasted a Zinger Burger and it was nothing that we thought it would be. It was delicious!!!

And it was yummy, fresh with well balanced flavours.

We give the KFC Zinger Burger with Chutney a 10/10 on all levels!

Let’s take a look as some peeps we spotted:

Malesedi Mosala, Jaimie- Lyne Jovial

Talk-show host, Abigail Visagie.

From right; Stefan Schoeman, Lloyd Loots, Roelia Schoeman and Maya Dajee.

Television personalities, K Naomi and Abigail.

Designer, Sylvester Falata.

Chilled vibes!

Television presenter, Lukho Johnson.


We were then treated to a movie.

We left the venue feeling like this 🙂


Thank you KFC, Thank you OrchadOn25 for hosting US!


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Zeeba.


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