Naked DJ And His Wife Naledi Are Through!!

It’s funny how people who give out the best (relationship) advice to others are the worst in taking the very same advice when they are in similar situations. Radio Dj and producer Naked Dj (real name Quinton Masina) and his wife Naledi Willers are no longer an item. The couple has been unhappy for a while now, with most of their unhappiness going back as mid last year, stemming from allegation that Naledi lied about going on a business trip whereas she was actually went on a trip with friends.

According to Sunday Sun sources, the pair has been sleeping in separate rooms since September of 2018.  Naledi published a brief statement on her Instagram page declaring that her and Quinton are no more an item, the statement reads as follows:

I wish to announce that Quinton Masina and I are no longer in a relationship. As it has been a public one to a certain degree, I feel it fitting to formally announce that we have ended things, permanently separated and are no longer staying together.

We suppose the likes of Leko and friends are having a feast of celebrations as they were waiting upon Naked to be single so that they can cling their claws on him… We hope now that Naked is single he will be openly bisexual because he looks delectable.


Zeeba & Team.


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