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The SABC finally goes HD (High Definition). Tjoe it’s about time y’all these stubborn SABC people have finally realised that the future is HD. All they need to do is change their programme manager’s and head of commissioning mindset’s to be of the now. SABC television programs are dead.

SABC 1 and SABC 3 are the ones going live from today Monday 11 June, SABC 2 will follow suite sometime in July. With the upgrade SABC 1 & 3 viewers will experience crisper, sharper and cleaner images of films/programmes made in HD. The HD viewing is however not going to be available to households without a satellite dish or a decoder. People who will be able to experience this viewing are the ones on Pay-TV platforms such as Mutli-choice, StarSat and Openview.

DA party leader Mmusi Maimane is at it gain, this time he is set to get cabinet minutes to be made public. This came after the current President of the country and ANC Cyril Ramaphosa said he did not know about State Capture objections which Maimane found extraordinary. We think Mmusi needs to focus all these energies to the better of his political party which seems to be crumbing at the moment and worry about others when his house is in order.

Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba has defended a comment she made about HIV being a dieses for black people, saying that her comment was taken out of context. She said, she in actual fact was basing her comment about socioeconomic ills faced by black people. The comment that got the health MEC in hot water was made at a meeting on April 16 at a Moutse Health Crisis meeting. The patients in that province have since hauled her to the Equality Court for discrimination, hate speech and incitement.

This is a tough one yazi, society and it’s people have changed drastically because one might say one thing and could be translated to something else, which is why people in power or influential positions should always  ALWAYS watch what they do and say.

 The ANC is in trouble guys and they have no-one to thank but themselves! Supporters of the former President, very controversial baby making machine like R Kelly Jacob Zuma are determined to fight tooth and nail to prove his innocence. They see this alleged isolation of Zuma as unfair.

South Africa celebrated with the Springboks Saturday as they triumph victorious over a thrilling defeat on England with 42-39 in the first Test at Ellis Park Stadium under the first ever black Captain Siya Kolisi. There is no doubt in our minds that this should be our everyday doing, unity.  Let’s all practice unity!

And lastly, we wish to congratulate the winner of this year’s Comrades Marathon Bongumusa Mthembu. This is the second time Musa has claimed the title of Comrades, his first win was in 2014. AND another congratulations to everyone that took part in this year’s run.


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