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After discussions and careful evaluations we’ve decided to scrap out our Monday feature How’s Your Weekend, we felt to stop it altogether and start a Newsmaker Feature for a Friday instead. This leaves Monday open for new and better space for something else… Without wasting any time let’s see this week’s News-making stories:

Park Town Boys High School Scandal continues… this past week allegations of sexual misconduct by a water polo sport teacher /coach at Park Town Boys High School could not be ignored as we speak the teacher is banned off the school pending further investigation. The coach has pleaded guilty to over 144 charges including rape, sexual assault, attempted murder, showing pornography to minors and sexual grooming. The Investigations further reveled that students were scared to even come forward fearing intimidation not only from the coach by from other victims. It’s alleged teachers and pupils enforced a code of silence. It is believed the boys had their own code of silence what happens in Parktown High stays in Parktown (also kwown as ParkTown way)… The code goes on to say that Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches and If you cry you die. It is also confirmed that these assaults have been ongoing at the schools hostel since 2009.

If people think these kinds of things are not happening, darling we have new, get your head out of the sand and start seeing things as they are.  You will find that in most cases the abusers are the more trusted beings in society, schools, friends and family members. Parents should start to learn to listen to their children and actually believe in what they say. Young people should also learn to speak-out on anything they don’t like. Tell the truth and less lies!

In music news, Wednesday morning it was announced that singer song-writer/poet Ms Lauryn Hill has added South Africa on her World tour. She will be here in February of 2019 accompanied by rapper Nasir bin Olu Dura Jones better known as Nas. We know Lauryn is famous for not pitching or giving too little to less desired performances in the past, we hope she learned her lesson and that she will not delela us as she needs the money to cover her taxes. But Nas(on the other hand) we’ve seen and know that he delivers 100 percent in all his performances. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Tour will sadly be afforded to Johannesburg and Cape Town peeps, so start saving!

In colourful news Idia’s highest court announced yesterday that it now recognises same-sex marriages as civil. India joins 26 other countries that recognises same-sex (gay) marriages, countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, France, United States and Colombia to name just a few.

Trying not to think of how our neighbours feel right now, there’s 7 of them (male) in a 3 bedroom house… The FUN of it all. Indian folks now you too can be free!!!  If only that Shrien Dewani guy could’ve waited a few more years to come out instead of killing her wife Anni Ninna Dewani.

We live in the era of sex tapes, captions (READ SOCIAL MEDIA LIES) and posting to see how many likes on engagements one can have…A lot we let slide but we could not let the following story escape us:

Did you see the video of the community members sexually assaulting an alleged rapist? We honestly don’t know how to feel about the video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T PRESS PLAY IF YOU’RE A SENSITIVE VIEWER!

I took us two days to actually gather strength to view this video… what a way for straight people to come out of their closet. What-ever happened to reporting crime to the Police?

We’re ending things off with the news-maker that Bonang Matheba , we’ve learned this week that our girl B is no longer working with Cell C. Sunday Sun reported that her contract ended on Friday, and the mobile network decided against renewing it.  It is alleged that Bonang was not delivering according to terms of the contract. People must just leave Bonang alone, we suspect Nomazmo Mbatha is going to be the new Cell-C girl.

On a much happy note, Brandy, our Brandy is making her way to South African shores again, this time she is coming to perform at Macufe African Cultural Music Festival to be held 12-13 October. See you there!


See you again next week, same time!


Zeeba & Team.

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