Our Idols SA Top 10 Predictions!

Last week the girls did as we predicted, they gave stellar performances through and through. We will continue to say a winner of Idols SA Season 14 is amongst them. We by no means belittling the boys, truth be told there’s like two or three of them that at this stage have displayed star qualities. Nonetheless we’re glad we’re not the ones deciding on the Top 10 and ultimately the winner, that’s SA’s voting public’s job to do. With that said let’s take a look at whom we foresee (based on performances and star qualities) to be in the Top 10 for season 14. In not particular order:

Lincoln Lewis of Cape Town is definitely standing in for the boys. He has been consistent since auditions. He is young, cute, like very cute, looks like a people’s person (both boys and girls will go crazy for him), possess some star qualities especially last week (read the other week) when he gave Sam Smith‘s Writing’s on the wall a run for it’s money. Our only advice to him going forward is to take good consideration on the songs he will choose to sing for South Africa.

Nosipho Silinda is another Top 10 material. This child is a gem on stage, one would be fooled by her quiet demeanour this child is amazing. Nosipho is one of the contestants with STAR POWER. Last week she effortlessly  sang the hell out of Sia‘s I’m Alive. And for those reasons and more she deserves a stop on the Top 10… oh we downloaded her version and we think it sounds better than Sia’s.

For that we’re not perceived as haters we will put Basimane Boys Melato aka King B through, because he is moss entertaining however not a  winner. We could lie and say he stands a good chance at winning this season, but nah we don’t want to be liars. King B is not winning Idols, the voting public will get tired of his OTT ways and eventually look for an Idol star in him, which sadly is dim if at all.

We’re already getting a bit of flak on our views about King B. Season 14 Top 10 would not be complete if Lethabo Ramatsui aka Wattahmelon is not part of it. If there’s anyone that the judges can save (should the votes not) is this talent. With good song choices she stands a chance of making it to Top 5/3 or winning the competition. Wattahmelon understands the art of performing in all its forms.

From one star to the next Zamagambu Memela aka Xae made SZA‘s Broken clocks hers. Her body, her attitude on the song was perfection. Broken Clocks sounded better on Xae, but Gomotsegang disagrees he does not like Xae’s rendition of one of his favourite songs.Bongiwe Mdaka is a star, she’s one performer with a great voice range, she deserves to be in the Top 10.

Ntokozo Makhathini also stands a good chance at winning this competition, she looks and sounds amazing.

Out of sympathy we’re seeing Mthokozisi Nqcobo in the Top 10, he is good yena neh, but not good enough to win.

Also out of sympathy we put through Victor Matalane only because of his good vocals, he can learn to adapt but We think there’s not time for such now. |*Squints eyes* Niyaaz Arendse we’re putting your through too.


We know we’re giving your 11 we’re caught between Mtho, Victor and Niyaaz for the Top 10. Who do you think is in the Top 10 and Why?


Like the title of this post says, these are just mere predictions, actual results will be read out live today at 17:00 on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161 on Sundays at 17h00. For more information visit their website: http://www.idolssa.tv

You can also join the Idols SA conversation via social media on… Facebook: Idols South Africa (www.facebook.com/IdolsSA) , Twitter: @IdolsSA #IdolsSA Instagram: @IdolsSA


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Mzansi magic PR Team.


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