“Pastor” Bushiri Gets Jailed!

We always shy away from talking about controversial topics such as religion, tribal stereotypes and many other sensitive topics  because of trying to keep balance. We have learned that keeping balance is important in this day and age, but truth has to be told. The Zeeba platform is not created to demean or cause harm of any sorts other than it’s core values which is to educate (both ways), entertain, telling the truth and having fun whilst doing it. This brings us to the Bushuri subject at hand, we have never said anything about him (maybe not directly) because we know people that are worshipers of the man, we also know that they would take great offense if we were to say anything negative about their Bushiri. That BS stops now! Truth and allegations are to be told and we shall dish as we get!… Now to the story.

The disgusting (Biblical context) so called man of God, Malawian Shepherd Huxley Bushiri and his wife Mary were arrested by the Hawks last night on charges of fraud and money laundering. It is not the first time Bushiri has been linked to fraud charges. Last year the the self proclaimed prophet was arrested for allegedly shipping millions of rands from South Africa to Malawi. He also came under fire in December of 2018 after a stampede at his church left congregation members dead and hidden at his morgue without alerting the deceased family members. Shepherd Bushiri is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. If being a fake prophet is not enough, Bushuri is alleged to be eating the stock at his church… okay let’s rephrase: Huxley Bushiri is alleged to be having a string of affairs (or sexual favours as some may put) with some members of his Enlightened Christian Gatherings.

People should refrain from being gullible, in actual fact, they should go back to traditional churches, but traditional churches are ought to change the way the do things if they wish to be an alternative to these fly by night Pentecosts. Or if you find yourself in a church gathering that worships the person (pastor/prophet) as God, know that you’re in a wrong gathering! We by no means saying people should not believe in God. Bushiri my have a gift, but he is exploiting it!




If you think it, do it!

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