Safety Travel Tips This Easter!!!

It’s Easter time again and we know some have planned this time to be on the road travelling while others have planned to be just at church. Those with travel plans will most probably be on the road from Thursday, we ask that you keep it safe.

NO TEXTING AND DRIVING! We’ve seen a hell lot of Accidents caused by this mistake and we are proud to say the only time we play with the phone is to connect it on the blue-tooth before any trip. This means we have access to the phone via buttons on the steering wheel. No need to scroll as the vehicle we drive does not allow scrolling on contacts and texts while the vehicle is in motion, which can mean we will be eligible to receive calls only. And if at any stage we need to make urgent phone calls we can pull-off the road to perform such. However, texting is prohibited for any journey, long or short. Do not text and drive. People wishing to take videos while driving, get a designated passenger for such activities, please. The same goes for texting as well. If it’s important pull-off the road and text away until you’re done with your social media updates. In actual fact you can take pint-stops just to update your social media. In that way one everybody wins. Other road users won’t be affected by you and your followers won’t miss out on your doings and happening.

If you happen to drive a vehicle that is not blue tooth enabled, get a set of earphones yourself.

NO DRINKING AND DRIVING! This too is imperative to not emphasize. Drinking causes impairment in the brain. It makes you see things differently. If you’re going to indulge, have a designated driver, better yet take an uber/taxify or get someone to pick you up.


  • Refrain from being intoxicated. You’re needed sober at your destination and you do not want to miss your stop.
  • We do not always advise on carrying cash, but for this case have some cash with you, for just-in-case.
  • Make sure your travelling tickets are valid and that are properly checked.
  • Carry and keep your passport (as well as tickets) with you at all times.
  • Guard your bags (plastic seal them if you must)… you do not want to lose or gain unwanted baggage especially if you’re travelling abroad.


  • Leave on time.
  • Be on time.
  • Do not rush the driver… pray for a driver with sober, sound driving habits.

TO EVERYONE! = Exercise kindness to others wherever you may be 🙂


We will also be taking a short left-nyana.


Happy Easter Everyone!!!


Zeeba & Team.


Images: Google.



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