Somizi Mhlongo On Motswako!

What a beautiful interview ??Mapaseka Mokwele had with Somizi Mhlongo izolo on Motswako. In a nutshel Somz poke about his life which is detailed in his book Unbreakable. The following are points we caught from that interview.

He is 44.

He is grateful of the love he is receiving from fellow South Africans.

(Apparently) Most if not all of his life’s journey is in his book, Unbreakable.

He lost his bestest best friend Sanna.

He claims he never let negative situations tear him down… “the sooner you accept any situation the quicker you heal”… Very true there Somz, at Zeeba we believe in pragmatism. Deal and move on.

He told the mother of his daughter Palesa Madisakwane that he had a boyfriend when she first made advances on him but she refused to believe what he told her. They decided to try and 9 months later his daughter Bahumi was born.

He bought his daughter a car and an apartment.

He’s known Mapaseka Mokwele for over 25 years.

He has zero regrets.

Hinted a cook-book might be in the works.

He told exclusive books not to order 3000 copies of his book but 30 000.

What else did he say kanene, oh that he never had to “come-out” to his parents, that he’s been himself throughout his life.

Somizi does not lend money to friends.

Somizi believes his book might be a life line to someone else.

Okay that’s it!


Zeeba & Team.


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