This is What Sunday Looks-like At The Kodwa Household… Unbothered Much!

Saturday we learned of rape accusations again another prominent member of the African National Congress (ANC). Zizi Kodwa has not denied nor confirmed the allegations he says the rape allegations are merely politics playing out. READ HERE TO SEE WHAT WE WROTE SATURDAY READ HERE

This is what the accuser released:

If you read, this lady clearly remembers what transpired to her (and her friend) in April of 2018. The letter also states that there were more than one participant in this alleged rape.

It may appear as the lady is bargaining with Zizi Kodwa here.

Zizi also released a statement which alludes to extortion, defamation, scam and politics playing out. Zizi also states that he is not going to allow the smear campaign to deter him.

Earlier in the day Zizo posted a photo of his family unbothered by all the noise going around.


What do you think is this story going to unfold or will it just die off? Argh politics can be a dirty exhausting game waetsi.


Zeeba & Team.


If you think it, do it!

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