Wedding Proposal Or A Stunt?

In the era of lies, facades, people losing their morals and dignity for likes and fitting-in and some just to save face. We at Zeeba cannot ignore the REAL motive of Mampinstha’s (real name Mandla Maphumulo) post to be either real or a pure lie.  Yesterday Mampintsha posted a photo of a ring with a question to Babes Wodumo UNGAVUMA (Would you say Yes)? Let’s tell you why we’re doubting the authenticity of this post.

  • In 2013, or shall we say 5 years ago we happened to witness a violent side of Mampintsha. We were at Taboo for Vetkoek’s (real name Zynne Sibika) birthday party celebration… We will bore you with the details of the brawl when the need arises, but for now know that we’re confirming that Mampintsha is (could be) violent. We attest!
  • Both Babes Wodumo (real name Bongekile Simelane) and Mampintsha are pushing their individuals projects. Babes is trying to push her album sales and Mampintsha is also busy trying to push his own project. BUT there’s is Dj Tira or shall we say Afrotainmnet that is not hemising people out here by snatching every promising artist and bringing us hit-after hit-after hit. Dj Tira and Afrotainment are really showing no signs of slowing down and that in itself nje is a threat to the inundated music industry (read Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s bread).
  • There’s abo Nuz Queen (real name Bianca Mbatha) whose sound is similar to that of Babes Wodumo. One minute you would think you’re jamming to a Babes song kanti ha.a sana it’s Nuz Queen.
  • Let’s not forget Babes interview with Masechaba Ndlovu and MoFlava (real name Moeti tsiki) on Metro FM earlier this year…READ AND LISTEN HERE
  • Mampintsha’s apology… READ AND LISTEN HERE
  • And that we have reason to believe that Babes did not post the photo and that caption, Mampintsha did… He did it in the past, didn’t he? what could stop him from doing it again?
  • Also with our knowledge on cheat-asation, when couples cheat they head to doomsday ask Proverb and Ona. Thomas Msengana and Unathi. Trevor Gumbi and Lucille. Arthur and Cici. We’re just naming Four for you here the list is looooong… Soon to follow is Somizi and his cub… a story for another day.
  • Back to Mampitsha and Babes, should the post be real, we wish them nothing but the best!

Now let’s see how social media folks reacted to the news:

From this shot it seems as though folk is happy with the news, others are calling for Masechaba.Some are getting inspired by the post.

We agree fully with @anzoangie there… Love is blind and we all deserve second chances.

Babes later posted this photo TAGGING the wrong SHIMORA. L-I-K-E Darling, how do you not know your man’s handle?

This is the Shimora Babes tagged.

This is the correct Shimora.

Like honestly how do you not know your not your fling, not your boyfriend not just your alleged abuser, but your fiance’s handle? Something is fishy here. Maybe this post was done in a rush by Babes or someone on her behalf… Don’t you think? If ka nnete ke-Babes then sis you’re a real Blonde!

deep sigh The mess of it all!


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Instagram


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