What’s Really Going On With Zahara?

One fallen star Mdu Masilela used to sing ezibuhlunb’ azipheli and that is exactly what muso Zahara seems to be going through right now. Zahara (real name Bulelwa Mtutukana) is allegedly caught in a string of lies or not, due to her stupidity or rather being naive. We will stick with the latter. Zahara is falling apart and she’s pointing fingers at her former record label TS Records, which is by the way closed down, but producers still receive all forms of royalties on Zahara’s songs and albums but Zahara. Because moss, she signed the rights off to people such as Dj Sbu (real name Sbu Leope), TK Ncisa and the late Robbie Malinga just to name a few.

Why is Zahara having a melt-down? Zahara is having a melt-down because she’s in debt, in heavy debt as she owes millions towards her house in Little falls, a quiet nice suburb in the west of Johannesburg, she is also behind in car repayments for her 2014 Range Rover Evoque. Now that gigs are not flowing as they used to when she was at the peak of her career reality is sinking in and u-sisters relied on the bottle for refuge.

On the recent social media frenzy Zahara stipulated that she is owed millions of rands from her former record label (TS Records) and that she wants them to pay her. TS Records on the other hand is saying they paid Zahara all her dues. Zahara owes over 1.7 million on her house to Nedbank and over 600k on her vehicle to Standards Bank. The problem is Zahara is not making money anymore, is not getting booked and she drinks like a fish to even remember keep a simple work commitment.

What can we learn from this? Read your contracts and never be desperate for a record deal. Just like any business the music (Entertainment as a whole) business is also a business but unlike normal day-to-day business the music business can make you or break you. Meaning you can be screwed over by the very same people that claim to have your best interests at heart. So, DO NOT BE DESPERATE!!!


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Instagram

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