Who Is; UnSynd!

Zeeba: Good Day UnSynd thank you for receiving and allowing us in your space for “Who Is”. As tradition, tell us “Who Is” UnSynd and what are they/you about?

  • UnSynd is a collective of musicians that was formed in 2016 in the classrooms of the Music Academy of Gauteng in Benoni.

Zeeba: As a group, how did you come-about?
> Did you Guys hold auditions or what criteria was utilised to determine group members?

  • Three of the original members met at school. It just started as an idea, and then we got intentional about the impact that we wanted to bring to the entertainment industry. We have also had a very Destiny???s child road, with additional members coming in and out of the group. Thuto came through someone on our management team. So he just became the 4th member of UnSynd.

Zeeba: Did member’s have to be of a specific niche/clique… like the Zupta or Not. *giggles*

  • Not really, but it was important for us to establish the following: Each member had to be mad talented, with a drive and commitment to succeed, and we had to share the same values. We???re all very different is very unique but the core of who we are is clear. This is also what keeps us together.

Zeeba: We had a listen to two of your singles and we couldn’t help but wonder, are you attempting to be the new Muzart or replacing them because they’ve since vanished from the music scene?

  • It???s not the first time we have heard that comparison but we think it???s because there is not a lot of people in the mainstream making alternative forms of genres, or like ourselves ??? being genreless. We love Muzart, but our songs has a specific sound, and our music is very diverse.
  • Thuto

Zeeba: What’s your sound guys, how can one “term” you?

  • We???re genreless. That???s what it is. It???s just MUSIC to us.

Zeeba: Post Destiny’s Child group era has messed things up for singing groups, ‘coz nower-days groups are perceived to have a Kelly, Michelle, Beyonce and baby face. *grins* In UnSynd, who is who and who does what? In that way ladies and fellow gents we asking you(as group) for your names, what you’re about as well as your contribution in the group.

  • LOL. No Beyonce in the group! But when you meet us, you learn about each personality is very strong. So members are Malo – Vocalist and Songwritter; Zoli King – Vocalist and Song Writter. Jazzman and Thuto are the Musicians.

Zeeba: Correct us If we are wrong, you have two singles out already right? Tell us how they’re received by the public?

  • Correct. We have two singles out, and the 3rd single will be released a week ahead of our EP.

Zeeba: Do you think if we can go to Joburg CBD and ask about UnSynd, people would know who/what we’re talking about?

  • What else except music? WE believe our industry is still very limited. There???s a huge gap for our music and for weird people just like us.
Zoli King

Zeeba: As a unit, what has your greatest and biggest achievement been?

  • The fact that we???re genreless. That we carry who we are into the music and that???s that.

Zeeba: Any setbacks?

  • As independent artists our major setback is investment. All work is funded by us straight from our pockets.

Zeeba: When are you guys dropping an album?

  • . Once we done working on it. Lol and that will be after dropping our EP.

Zeeba: Any words for your followers and people that don’t know who UnSynd is?

  • Followers; thank you so much for being part of our journey, we appreciate y’all so much!
    Those that don’t know us; Give it a chance and find yourself in the music!
  • No body just “makes it”. Put in the work!

Zeeba: Good Luck and Thank you again, for allowing in your lives.


Listen to their singles, Circles and ZiRight;


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Supplied by UnSynd


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