Who Is; Zeeyah!

Zeeba: Lets take a few and still a moment of your tume. In five words, describe Zeeyah?

  • I just turned 21, determined, sassy, perfectionist and a Durbanite!

Zeeba: What influences your sound?

  • I listen to a lot of different music and I like to take away little bits of what I like from each. So I would describe my sound as multidimensional. My debut single ???Sthandwa Sami??? is out right now and it???s a summer, house song. It???s young and innocent and fresh. I always want to give the listener a piece of me through my music. So by listening, you can kind of get an idea of who Zeeyah really is.

Zeeba: You started off on a big note with YFM discovering you and providing you with an opportunity to perform at Live ???n Rewired, what???s next?

  • Yeah, that was surreal, and that???s actually where I debuted ???Sthandwa Sami???. The reception since, has been incredible. Next is a lot more Zeeyah! I???m doing a lot of performing and I???m working on my first, studio album that I???ll release in 2018. I think South Africa???s in for a pleasant surprise.

Zeeba: Having a developmental deal with Jazzworx is a major achievement in its own, what have you learnt so far from this deal?

  • It???s really an honour to be there. Being surrounded by some of South Africa???s top producers and musicians is insane. I???ve learned so much, from studio etiquette, to proper recording technique, media training, production, songwriting ??? I could literally go on forever! Basically anything and everything to do with music and the business. It???s been such a safe space for me to really explore my musical abilities and widen my depth of knowledge in the industry. I???ve been immersed into so many different genres and it has really helped me get a better idea of where I???m headed musically.

Zeeba: Have you spotted Lira and with the interactions you???ve had with her, what have you learnt from her?

  • Lira is absolutely lovely. She is an amazing role model to so many young women and I definitely look up to her. Between filming The Voice SA, her reality show Dreamchaser and everything else in between, you can imagine how busy she is! I don???t get to see her all that often, but one of the most important lessons I???ve taken from her is to always remain humble. I???ve learned this not only from her teachings, but also from her doings. She treats everybody with utmost integrity and respect. It???s really quite mesmerizing to see.

Zeeba: What are your dream collaborations?

  • Babes Wodumo for one. I think she???s wonderful. Our music styles (and styles in general) are so different, but that???s what I love. A collaboration between her and I would be really interesting to see and hear. I???d also really like to work with Nasty C. There aren???t many ???female vocalist x male rapper??? collaborations in South Africa right now so that would be a fresh sound. We???re both around the same age so a collab together could reach a lot of youth across the continent.

Zeeba: Your current look is influenced by what?

  • I would describe my look as effortless and refined. I???m really into nude colours and monochromatic looks, and I???m obsessed with crop tops!! Put-together with minimal effort is generally the look I strive for. Kind of like I put myself together in 5 minutes, when it really took an hour or two. You know how it takes over 10 tries to get the perfect messy bun? That???s basically my style summarized.

Zeeba: Top 3 finds in your handbag?

  • Vaseline, I can???t stand dry lips!!
  • A little notebook. Whenever I get some sort of inspiration for my music, I jot it down immediately. You can literally find me scribbling in my notebook while walking in the shops.
  • Mascara. I love it! It???s my favorite make-up item. Mascara over lipstick any day!

Zeeba: What is your go to chill out spot and why?

  • Chilling on my bedroom floor with my headphones or speakers on full blast is my ULTIMATE favourite thing to do. That must be my favourite chill spot. But if we???re talking real chill spots, I guess it???s any place that involves food.

Zeeba: Who is your celebrity crush and why?

  • Hmmm, okay this is going to sound insane but it has to be Themba Ndaba. Brutus ???Bab??? omcane???, from The Queen. He is HILARIOUS! He makes me laugh so much it???s probably not even normal! On a Saturday morning, you???ll find me sitting in the TV room all alone catching up on The Queen, with tears streaming down my face because I???m laughing so hard at uBab??? omcane. He has to be my MCM!

Download her single for free:

Samro number:??2326259
ISRC Code: ISRC-ZA-VW5-17-00001
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