Will Nandi Break-up With Zakes After This Thread?

Twitter streets are never dim, there’s always something happening there either good or bad but something always goes down. Yesterday we were treated with allegations of Zakes Bantwini Madida cheating on Nandi Mngoma Madida.

We believe this post (#TheMadidas) by Nandi Mngoma Madida was the cause of the thread as it seemed to have infuriated  a certain Minenhle Parker.

Then hell broke loose.

The files go as far back as 2008.

Minenhle alleges Zakes has a 9 year old.

*deep sigh*

Women on women hate will never end!

Okay, let’s reiterate that these are mere allegations. However, we’re inclined to believe them as this Minenhle character tagged Nandi and offered to give her more deets and clarity should she wish.

One thing for certain Zakes does not seem to be fond of using condoms on his rubber d*ck, sisezakugula moss! We will wait for Sunday tabloids to brake it down for us. Lol

Zeeba & Team

Images: Twitter.



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