Whoop-whoop-whoop! Just over a month since we opened shop we’ve managed to bag over 30 000 views ALL THANKS TO EACH ONE OF YOU! For that we’ve decided to say THANK YOU with one of the best hair product Hampers from Sofn’Free. We’re given away 10 Hampers to 5 lucky entrants.

About The Medium:

Firstly, Zeeba is not a blog, we’re more than that, we are an on-line channel! Our objective is to bring forth relatable stories from Sports, Entertainment, Gossip, Fashion, News, Politics, Jobs etcetera 5 days a week. Since inception we’ve managed to publish articles everyday of the week, we hope to take it through to weekends as well.

About Sofn’Free Products:

Sofn???Free Scalp Therapy ??? Soothes itching, replinishes the scalp, leaving hair shiny and conditioned.

Sofn???Free Root Spa Strengthening Cr??me – helps to treat the hair, by combating dryness, reduces breakage and protecting the hair???s natural colour.

Sofn???Free Light Conditioning Hair Dress – A blend of conditioners that penetrate hair quickly without leaving it greasy.

Sofn???Free Shine Serum ??? Seals in style, leaving hair with a healthy-looking, natural gloss.

Back to the competition… To win yourself an incredible Sofn’Free hamper all you need to do is answer 3 simple questions:
1. How many views has Zeeba managed to bag in just over a month?
2. Name two Sofn’Free product offerings.
3. Is Zeeba a blog or an on-line channel?

Answer these questions correctly and you get to walk away with not 1 but 2 Sofn’Free Hampers. Competition is open to everyone living in South Africa (we will courier to ??wherever you are darling).
Send your answers to: zolani@zeeba.co.za


Good Luck and THANK YOU!

*Smiling Zeeba & Team*

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