BARE, A Book About Karabo Mokoena???s Death.

It was first a rumour but, I can now confirm to you that a book titled??BARE??is on it???s way about circumstances surrounding Karabo Mokoena???s death. I can???t say what the book is really about at this stage as I have not laid my eyes on any of its content(s) but I hope it speaks the truth. I hope it will give answers to all the unanswered questions surrounding her death, most importantly bring peace to her loved ones.

This art work is all I have at the moment. ??BARE??is written by Jackie Phamotse with a series of interviews that were conducted after Karabo???s death.

A lot of stories surfaced around Karabo???s passing, stories about her life-style (which I learned about from friends) but don???t think will be appropriate to share on this platform. Stories best suited for kitchen talk with friends. Stories that could annoy or upset a person should they come out. For those reasons I will stick to what came out from media reports until I get a copy of the book.

For those who don???t know Karabo???s alleged killer is forex trader boyfriend Sandile Montsoe.??Sandile, 27, reportedly admitted to burning her to ashes but refuses to take blame for her death. He claims he found her dead already, out of fear he opted for burning her body to rid himself off the burden.??

According to Sunday World, Sandile allegedly loaded Karabo???s body in a wheel bin in his BMW and then picked up a tyre, acid and a petrol container from his family home. He then proceeded to the location where the body remains were found. Her body was discovered several days later in a shallow grave in Bramley, burnt beyond recognition.

I hope this book will bring about change, positive change to young girls and boys. Infact positive change to everyone to know when to walk away from situations that no-longer serve them good. Bring about realisation that we as individuals matter, matter to us first before we consider the next person.

I will share more deets about the book as time goes. In the meantime??Masifund???ukuzithanda (learn to love yourself).
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