Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana Slaps A Woman For Allegedly Calling Him Gay!

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Mduduzi Manana is in hot water for allegedly beating up a woman at Cubana, Fourways last night for allegedly calling him gay.

People on social media are calling for Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula to act NOW on this… We think this might be tricky for Fikile to action as the public expects but, we shall see.

Listen to the phone call the minister admits hitting the woman inside the club but says he did not hit her outside the club.

Just Curious shared the telephone conversation of the woman’s brother with the Deputy Minister where he admits to hitting the girl inside the club but not at the parking lot as some say… admission of guilt right there.

And here is someone (Lumko Jimlongo) that claims he saw the whole thing outside the clubs parking lot and is more than willing to testify should the woman press charges.

What is woman’s month for, let alone human dignity (regardless being called gay or not) if our very own minister’s conduct themselves in savage mannerisms.

On the recording the Minister ??(Mduduzi Manana) is heard saying the following:

> Admitting to slapping the girl/woman in the club for allegedly calling him gay.

> Admits his friends are the ones that went after the women to hit them outside the club (parking lot).

> And he states (agrees) he is willing to do anything to make this go away.

Thank You Just Curious and Thiwe for sharing this.


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Zeeba & Team.

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