Happy Women’s Day Mbokodos!

It’s Wednesday 02:42 I’m out of sleep, I went for my mobile device and started chatting with two of my friends that were up as well. One in Cape Town the other Nigeria. The one in Cape Town was telling me about a new crib he bought (moved in-to) few weeks ago, he was sending me photos of the crib and telling me what he still wishes to do to enhance the crib.

The one lad in Nigeria is a political student, I refer to him as this because he is heavily involved in politics to an extent that he plans to run in 2022. That’s how he loves politics. His country’s politics are a tad different from ours but we understand one another. Anyways…our conversation was not based on politics. He was up because he was working on his speech for today and we spoke about December vacation planning amongst other things. He was twlling me his plan for his December vacations it to explore our continent and also make a turn to visit me in South Africa.
As I was going back and forth between these two friends the one in Cape Town (Anele) was defeated and called it a night, which left me with Iwo (Nigeria) to chat to. In attempts to replace Anele’s absence while waiting on Iwo to finish typing his lines I logged on Facebook and went through my timeline. I saw some people were still on the #NoConfidenceVote, others on Mduduzi Manana’s arrest, the memes and phrases are best! I laughed so hard when I read that gay folks are now referred to MANANA’S and a “beat(-up)” phrase is substituted with “we won’t MANANA anyone”. Tjoe! I give up shem.
My timeline was filled with such madness while others were doing the most as they live their lives best cia social posts. As I was browsing through the timeline I stumbled on a post by Dumisani Dudoo Dabadini on Wasebukhosini Mhlongo aka @KingAya. It was a string on tweets a string of powerful inspirational tweets. These days I seldom finish a string of anything without losing interest because I would feel I could predict the end, or the link would be cheesy and stuff like that then I would stop reading. But not with this one, I read the string until the end.
??I was intrigued, motivated and inspired at the same time to a point of forgetting about my chat with Iwo.
Immediately after I finished reading I ??went to Google @KingAya, I learned about her blog ICEKREAM ??? ICEKREAM WITH A K
In spirit of today being women’s day and in the spirit of celebrating women, inspirational young women, Wasebukhosini Mhlongo was fitting of a candidate because we barely hear of stories like hers. We are a youth that wants instant success forgetting that there are downs in this life we live.
Thank you Wasebukhosini for inspiring me today, I shall take what I read from you with me ngalo lonke ixesha. I hope to meet you one day. With that being said, ??Happy Women’s Day Mbokodos! Continue to be best of what you are.
The Bible says God brings people in our lives for a purpose, He uses us to help people we never could have imagined to know and vice-versa. Thank you Dumisani for being that vessel today because if it weren’t for your post I would not have known of Wasebukhosini and all her amazing self.
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