How’s Your Weekend?

Our??weekend was not the best for reasons that are not known to us at this point. Nothing wrong happened, family members and friends are okay but it felt though something was missing.

Maybe it’s because we have a long week ahead as we’re submitting this coming Friday or that Trevor Noah’s show was a huge disappointment. I can safely say Trevor Noah is not as brilliant as deemed in terms of his material, there are far better and funnier comedians in our country. His jokes were more motivational (real life) than being funny. He got lucky!

Simphiwe Ngema’s tribute to her late husband Dumi Masilela made head-lines… We’ve spoken about this last week so we shall not dwell on it again because we know very well how it feels to lose a loved one for good.

Sunday Sun reports Unathi’s marriage to Thomas Msengana is on the rocks… We’ve learned about this for quite some time now but felt the rumour was untrue because we love Unathi with Thomas. We love love. Sunday Sun’s sources claim Unathi is cheating with her gym instructor, others are saying Thomas is the one doing the cheating and others are saying this is crack is due to financial strains the family is experiencing.

We saw Unathi on Saturday riding solo and ring less. Argh, we feel bad about this after 8 years of marriage then this happens. We see Unathi as the grounded girl that would stick to what she chooses so the rumour of her cheating on T we dispute. We refuse to believe it, not our Unathi. We shall wait this one out before We can firmly form an opinion.

Let’s move to alleged abusers.
Mduduzi Manana was back at being in the headlines again for allegedly assaulting a girl almost a week-ago but this time because Minister of Social Development and ANC Women’s League President Bathabile Dlamini was stanning for him by saying there are others who’ve done worse than what Mduduzi did.

Yazi we don’t know what to do with Bathabile Dlamini as she seems to age backwards in terms of her actions and utterances. It’s sad really. Calls on Mduduzi Manana to resign and or be fired keep on piling up.

Cici is at it with her ex boyfriend turned abuser (allegedly) and ex boss Arthur Mafokate. She posted on Instagram a photo of her scars captioned “my scars refuse to let me forget”

Sunday World alleges ex televison star Shaka Sisulu assaulted his baby Mama by slamming a door on her. Shaka denies this act but admits he argued with her baby Mama over papgeld.

And lastly before we hit the sack soccer legend and commentator, father to Model/TV Presenter Maps, Marks Maponyane allegedly assaulted wife of almost forty years Sylvia Maponyane.

All these men accused of assault Mduduzi Manana, Shaka Sisulu, Marks Maponyane and Arthur Mafokate have not set even a fibre of hair behind bars.

Okay we should sleep.

Zeeba & Team.

Images from Google.

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