How’s Your Weekend!

Saturday we drove to Johannesburg CBD looking for cheap(er) car parts, upon arrival at the shop the salesperson did his job by selling to us the best versions of what we were looking for as well as their respective prices. Obviously we were looking for the best available products but they were rather pricey. Salesperson suggests we go pay for the cheaper ones at the till but he will supply to us the ones we drove there for (the pricey ones), in-turn we will ???take care??? of him. The sweet side of the deal was we would get the goods at 60% less than the original price but the downside was it???s not guaranteed! In as much as we would have opted for the deal it would have been wrong on all counts. We would have taken part in theft and that would have been wrong! We told the salesperson we would come back and we never did. We opted to fix the car in best honest ways possible for now until we can afford a new one. Now let???s get to the news:

Starting things off we wish to send our heartfelt congratulations to our girl, Miss Terry Pheto for winning at the AIRA 2017 for Best Actress- TV or Drama. Halala Ntombazana, Halala!!!! We???re proud of you, very proud.

Earlier in the weekend Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa lost a bid in trying to bar Sunday Independent newspaper from publishing details of an alleged sex scandal involving the deputy president ??and eight other women??? his interdict was rejected by the judge citing he did not meet the requirements to be given relief on the matter??? We wonder what he had as reasons on his application apart from saying he did not have enough time to responds to the editor???s e-mail. But that???s not all. After all the attempts Cyril later admitted he did have an affair with his doctor eight years ago and he told his wife about it and ended the affair. As per Sunday Times??? You know what *deep sigh* the Zuma and his people are really trying hard to feed us (we mean the public) with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as President of the party but what they???re failing to foresee is no-one will want anything to do with the ANC should a ZUMA related person be on the lead. People are tired of anything ZUMA , Nathi si-grand. If the ANC wants transformation they must put up Dr Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza (the one they fired for speaking against Jacob Zuma???s ill leads) for party president.

Last week Sunday World reported the war between Bonang Matheba, Somizi Mhlongo and Euphonik (real name Themba Nkosi) well the war was by Somizi and Euphonza asking Bonang to remove their names on her book from ???A To B???. Tell you what if Bonang uses their names truthfully then they don???t have a case and if not then B will have to take their names off her book. The process could be long and tedious as we know defamation is a complex law to prove.

In this week???s issue of the reveals contents on the affidavit Euphonik filled in 2012 against his then girlfriend Bonang Matheba. As per SW Euphonik claims Bonang would cut her wrists with a knife and when she started bleeding she would call the police and lie that he assaulted her.?? According to the affidavit Bonang lied about the physical abuse claims as she would be the one abusing Themba especially when drunk and and and and. Iyadika lendaba. Euphonza and Bonang should stop all this because they???re both lying, now it???s a battle of who lies best. Immature if you ask us.


That???s it from us, have a great week ahead!


Zeeba & Team

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