How’s Your Weekend!

Tjoe we haven’t done this feature in a minute because of other stuff happening in ones life *sigh* Anyways before any light, darkness has to prevail. Can I get an Amen! Guys we can’t really express how we feel for all your support and love. We thank you dearly. Don’t you just detest dating? Being single is fun until you start wishing you had a companion, someone to share things with and stuff. Friday we bumped to Ausi Bassie at the centre apposite Monte Casino, what’s it called Pine-what-what. Ausi Bassie is thin guys, like really thin, we could’ve missed her. We stopped and chat a little then we were off.

Saturday Slikour tied the knot with long time girlfriend Melissa at an intimate setting. We wish them the best in their union… We were not there.

A shocker hit us when Melanie and Zwai Bala issued a statement announcing their separation. Kwaze kwanzima kwi-Department ka-Love.

Speaking of couple’s breaking up, Tall-Ass Mo and wife Mome are rumoured to be going through rough times. Our mole says Tall-Ass is cheating left right and centre. Ooowee kwanzima kwaMarriage. Are people not into happy marriages anymore?

We think the girls are tired of bringing more bread and bacon for their households anymore while their husband’s look after them kids, they can get nannies to do that.

It’s not even two months but Minnie’s mshado is surrounded by rumours of unpaid monies. Both Sunday Sun and Sunday World ran with the story bathi the wedding planner is owed almost a million rand.

Something tells us there’s more to the story than what we’re being fed so we will reserve our comment for now.

We skipped the story of Jacob Zuma being in the dog box because we felt we would be wasting our time an energy.

Sunday Sun speaks of actor Tumisho Masha’s charges of abuse with intent to do bodily harm and malicious damage to property against his estranged wife Zozobini Mntongana.

The paper says the incident happened last year December when Zozibini opened a case of assault with intent to do bodily harm, but later withdrew the charges. Tumisho is said not to have kept his end of the bargain to stop threatening and or intimidating his estranged wife.

We love this head line “Karma slaps Somizi” Lol. The Sun team says Somizi is being sued by Eric D for mentioning his name in his book, Dominoes; Unbreakable Spirit. According to Sunday Sun Eric D has been trying to get hold of Somizi to no avail as he wanted to sort this amicably.

Singer and or rapper Sjava (Sijava KaJama Indlalifa) is said to be dating both Amanda Black and Lady Zamar. We smell a rat here, we will wait for the story to develop further.

We have been telling that DJ Tira is a show pony. At any cost ??Show Ponies will do anything to be regarded as headliners. In a story by Sunday Sun Mthokozi Khathi is alleged to be owing Dj Fisherman (Sifiso Mjoli) royalty moola for the songs he produced on Big Nuz’s album.

We need to sleep. Goodbye for now.

Zeeba & Team.

Images Google &??Instagram.

Mel and Zwai Bala statement: their social media accounts.

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