How’s Your Weekend!

The weekend is just an excuse of a time to stay away from the office because it goes by too quickly. You blink it’s Sunday evening. Tjoe ha.a this can’t be life.

Starting things off with the mess that was the Migos Culture Tour concert, Johannesburg leg. We got to the Dome just after 6pm, the Deejay was doing his thing playing songs that everyone could relate to. We must say that everyone we saw was in high spirits and excited to be there. We can’t help but state the obvious, that Migos is definitely not for us, we’re not their target, 25 years and under is more their thing. We were there for the experience and work. One of the first things we did at the Dome was to walk around just to get the feel and also see if we can’t spot any interesting stories. Once we were done with the walk we made our way to the right side of the stage, produced our tag that read “media” to the gate keepers. They told us we can’t use our tag on that side then directed us to the left entrance of the stage. Got there to be told the same story again. Since we’re older and know these things we didn’t argue with the security personnel. We walked back to the general public to khokh’ umoya and then made our way out to the car and drove off.

We left during Ricky Rick’s first song. It happened that we left at rather a bad time because the weather was doing the most outside, strong winds coupled by heavy rain. Banners were flying off and the tempory fence installed was breaking and flying off too. People’s cars got damaged by those flying objects. All in all we don’t know what transpired at the Dome but thanks to tweeting folks we now have an idea.

Tweeting people reported that Migos arrived very very late because of the weather. We understand the weather explanation, the weather was really horrible. It took us almost two hours to get home, not because there was traffic because we couldn’t see the road clearly, cars were moving at less than 20kms ??from the Dome to the highway until we got home safely. We Thank you Father for your protection and we hope that everyone got home safe from the show.

Twitter people also reported that Boity came on as rapper. They say she shared the stage with Nasty-C.

Apparently some of our A-list-celebs couldn’t get to the golden circle because golden circle tags were finished. Tjoe!

Migos would have been the best gift we would’ve given to our nephew’s should they’ve been around Jozi. They would’ve loved and fitted perfectly with the crowd.

Migos boys might not have scored good points on stage but they definitely scored with the ladies. Two to be exact (according to tweets).


Shamiso_ tweeted Quavo just tapped me and asked me to go to his section. I just died. DIED.

Her second tweet was; Guys Quavo asked me to join him. I died. I still love Offset though. He’s texting Cardi though. I saw.

These tweets were later deleted but that was after we got the screen munches.

Another lady that scored BIG from Migos was Faith Nketsi. She’s apparently the reason Rapper Cardi-B broke things off with ??(ex)boyfriend Offset because Faith and Offset got dirtyyyy doing sleeps and slides.

All we can say about this is slay Queens work hardest!!!

Just for control, Cardi B was just not having it ‘ey.

Sunday Sun ithi the reason why Melanie Son broke things off with Zwai Bala is infidelity. SS sources claim Zwai was caught cheating three times and the third time Mel could not take it anymore. Cheating is the worst form of hurt and betrayal anyone could do to their partner because it kills one’s self-esteem and can make one feel inadequate. Good riddance Mel.

Others are breaking off while some are tying. Rumour mill reports Khanyi Mbau and boyfriend Tebogo Lerole are planning to get hitched. Sithi Halala!!! kubo ngoba kudala beyibambile shem lemoto yabo.

Just after the first episode of Becoming Mrs Jones the ratings went sky up! Becoming Mrs Jones became the highest rating show ever for the channel, VuzuAmp.

Siyamvuyela u- Minnie Dlamini Jones!


According to Sunday Sun Sindi Dlathu who play Thandaza of Muvhango is leaving to join Uzalo to replace Leleti Khumalo as MaNzuza.

We did not share the news of Leleti leaving the show because we thought they were not true at the time. We suppose Khaya Dlanga is next to leave the show as he was also mentioned as one of the people that are not happy with Uzalo’s pay.

Jonga i-stena siyashaywa out there, these girls don’t play, if you snooze you definitely loose. Sunday Sun reports that Thembi Seete has left Bo she is now nesting up with Lerato Moloi’s ex, Collen Mashawana. According to SS moles Thembi has been with Collen’s family and son. Wooheee kuyafiwa!


We will end it off here for now. Catch us again next week.

Zeeba & Team.

Images: Instagram/ Tweet/Stills by Tom

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