How’s Your Weekend!

We’ve been experiencing network disconections (MTN) since izolo hence our Idols post came in bits and pieces. We’re hoping that these disconections are temporary, we can’t work with frequent network disconections kaloku.

We’re coming from a no rest weekend we’ve been going to the office preparing for hard close year end. Life of ??working folks *deep sigh*

We felt to share this conversation with one of our best frfriend’s, we were enquiring about cologne discounts, his response was too funny.

We came across this photo Gert Johan
Coetzee posted of Minnie’s wedding gown. We have not seen becoming ??Mrs Jones yet, we hear it’s a well put docu-series and this dress is breathtakingly beautiful. Gert has outdone himself with this creation.

Sunday Times head-line and cover image caught our attention and we could not resist but buy the paper. Our country, the one that was fought for by our parents is handled by puppets. Our country in gangster’s dangerous hands.

The paper details a lengthy report about the funders behind Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma’s Presidential campaign. Nasty funders to say the least.

The report was just too long for us to finish but what we can tell you is that Jacob is the worst leader we could ever had. An alleged rapist, fraudster, criminal argh! We’re in **** we hope Jacob Zuma and all his corrupt friends rot in jail for their injustices.

Tina Dlangwana’s story is hilarious, according to Sunday World she claims Kalawa Jazzmee’s boss Oskido is trying to worm his untidy looking self back to her (we added the untidy looking part). Tina says Oskido is “puke that I would never swallow back” *rolls eyes* . According to what Tina told the paper Oskido invited her to his new house in Centurion, but Oskido is denying all this. He, however admits bumping to Tina at a gig, he also recalls talking to her before his set but never invited her to his crib. We don’t know Tina, we never met her but we will add her to our list of show ponies. This story was not worth being reported nor does it qualify to be a head line.

These girls never learn when it comes to soccer players ‘ey. We only know of one soccer player’s relationship that is safe from snatching, the relationship of Mpho Maboi and Yeye. They could build a kiddies playground and no-one will bother their nest.

Back to the story at hand Sunday World says Natasha Mukobela is carrying Yannick Zakri’s child. Natasha, 22 found out she was pregnant in August and told Zakri that she wanted an abortion (attention seeking, validation for who, your body Nana), but he refused. Now says his wife has since relocated to Mzansi but will help her financially when the baby is born.

We feel sad for both parties but can’t help to feel that Natasha wanted to trap this Yannick character.
Who sleeps around without a condom this day and age? She does admit they did the home HIV test and the results were negative for both of them which led them to town all the way maara u-girl forgot to make use of ana-contraceptives.
We need to learn to take responsibility for our actions guys instead of blaming other people.

The Zuma’s paid 120 cattle for ilobolo. Mxolisi, who is the eldest of five children to Jacob Zuma and his late second wife Kate Montsho. The Zuma’s were paying ilobolo for Mxolisi’s 2nd wife Princess Ziyanda Dlamini from the Kingdom of Swaziland. Yaphela imali idliwa yiFamily yakwa Zuma.

Babes Wodumo (Bongekile Simelane) defends boyfriend Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo from ex girlfriend Thandeka “TDK Macassette” Mkhwanazi. It’s a silly fight over something someone posted on Facebook about Thandeka being unlucky that Babes commented on by saying “wafeba ngeke aphinde amthole. Akahlale phansi usis”

Thandeka clapped back at Babes with this response “This nana is such a fan of me, honestly. What in the world are you talking about, Babes Wodumo? I mean you’re 23 but you’re halfway to finishing all the men in this industry love. You need prayers and, besides your 40 year old man has sugar. I wonder how you deal with his belly and what’s under it, knowing its function is inefficient… do yourself a favour, go back home, Focus on yourself, your brand and school and build your own empire. I still love you even though you hate me”

Tjoe! What a mouthful. Again women pulling each other down over a man. When will women learn to know that the fight should be with the man not the other woman. Women need nobody’s help to stay losing, they do that very well on their own.


Another artist crying fowl from Dj Tira’s stable is Dj Cndo. She claims she’s being sidelined by the boss. Aargh Cndo Tira is a show pony darling one by one you will all realise that.

Apparently there’s men that enjoy having to to dolls. Tjoe!

That’s it! Have yourselves a good day.

Zeeba & Team.

Minnie’s wedding gown: Gert Johan Coetzee’s Instagram

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