How’s Your Weekend!

Tjoe-vi-tjoe! It’s Monday and we missed you, We really did, in as much as we enjoyed being off but we missed this space. Njeng’sqhelo we start.

Our weekend’s have been good we did a hell lot of doing nothing, a lot of introspection and countless amounts of kitchen talks. We enjoyed those ‘ey! Next week we will have a new and improved theme, let’s say Yay to that! Forward we go!

First things, congratulations to Paxton Fielies for bagging Idols SA Season 13 title. She deserved the Win.

In one kitchen talk friends spoke about Mduduzi Manana and his case. The question or rather the problem they had was why was Zeeba not reporting unknown facts about Mduduzi Manana. The answer to that was, we chose not to get involve. Zolani Masombuka, founder and owner of Zeeba knows Mduduzi Manana very well and vice versa, so Zolani opted not to be personal about this. He never made contact with Mduduzi throughout the duration of the case, the only reaching-out Zolani did was to call Mduduzi’s best friend as gesture that he is there. Zolani never probed the best friend on any alleged happenings because he wanted to be fair. Zolani wanted(s) Zeeba to report fairly at all times hence we only reported what was our there.

Mduduzi Manana’s judgement was R100k, community service and to pay the legal fees of the girls he assaulted.

Speaking of the ANC and nepotism we were approached by a mole that wishes to remain anything but that about Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential campaign. The mole was happy to share with us that Cyril will step down from running for presidency as there’s a scandal brewing. We asked the mole to divulge some more but they refused… what an anticlimax, right! After speaking to the mole we did a research of our own, We now know that Nkosinathi who was under police custody for almost five years since the Marikana massacre wants to come out of hiding and divulge all he knows about the killings of the miners. Which we think this is what the mole was trying to tell us about. We feel if the Marikana killings is what The Zuma’s and Gupta’s have against Cyril then they should bring it on. We doubt South African’s are as angry as they were 5 years ago and besides, we’re a forgiving Nation. If confused look at the President of EFF Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma, they did the most but still admired by many.

Number two, we thought the mole was speaking of Cyril’s infidelity ways. No, not with the string of women that was published months ago but with men. Cyril Ramaphosa and other top politicians whose names we will publish on NEEDS TO basis are ALLEGEDLY (and have been) linked to rather enjoying s*xual encounters with other men. Boo-hoo! Big deal! Who cares about who does who or what with their private lives. Again we say, if these two reason (ALLEGATIONS) are going to be what shuts Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential campaign then Zuma and Gupta’s are the Jesus!

We’ve dealt with far worse things i.e apartheid and our current situation… nothing could be bigger than, right. Just so we’re clear these are allegations and we sooo hope  they’re untrue.

Do you remember a while ago we shared with you the news about Dr Musa Mthombeni being the guy to replace Shaka Sisulu on TrendingSA. Mmmmhh well if you missed it here’s the link (link).

August, 7, 2017:


The show’s producer’s/creative’s tried to dumb-play us by shooting the show’s promo showing only the girls as the only presenters of the show.

On the above link we gave you a breakdown of how the following folks are linked (in-case you’re lazy to open the link). The slot was bound to be Musa’s but it was just a matter of HOW TO FOOL THE PUBLIC TIME before all was shoved to us.

The whole act by TrendingSA’s producers feels like the ANC, feels like what the ANC would have done. Sidenote: Dr Musa is an incredible television presenter but we feel a bit of transparency in terms of opening auditions for others to try out should have been the best way to go. Yes, we know that some presenters are hand picked, but the merits would not be friendship or bff it would be based on business. i.e Bonang Matheba, Ayanda Thabethe and horrible television presenter Maps Maponyane on joining Top Billing.

Back to the TrendingSA story, We feel Sive Nkukwana (the shows producer) whose best friends with Musa should have initiated auditions for the spot. We’re tired of nepotism, we get enough of that in politics and public sector businesses. Can we not be the generation that continues with the rotten-ness-mess that comes with nepotism.

Sive Nkukwana, producer for TrendingSA is best friends with Akhumzi Jezile, whose besties with writer Percy Vilakazi, whose buddies with Musa Mthombeni, whose best friend to Clement Maosa whose buddies with Nolwazi Shange whose bff’s to Tsholo whose friends with Lunga Shabalala whose friends with Mablerh… These bff’s are all in this cute snap. We’re not saying anything, we leave it ka-so.

Fast forward to two weeks back (November, 6, 2017),  when Dr Musa Mthombeni graced our screens on SABC3’s TrendingSA show as a permanent fourth member of the show. Need we say more? One would think politicians are the worst, Nepotism is real outchere. The very least they could’ve done is to hold auditions just to confuse abahlali. Let’s move on se kwenzekile.

Still on the subject of politics, can we take a moment of silence for Dr Makhosi Khoza, now that is a woman of character! We heard over the weekend that she’s planning to register her own political party. Can we get an Amen! If South Africa is ready for a female President then Dr Makhosi Khoza is a worthy fitting candidate, not the captured jazz being shoved down our throats.

Did you guys see Somizi’s secret lover being exposed! owheee talk about plan gone totally wrong. LOL. If you’ve missed it this is what transpired. You know moss Somizi has been saying how inlove he is and that he has found the one yada-yada-yada.On Friday he posted a photo of his bae ka-so. Fans clapped for him and were very happy until some someone commented that they know these hands and all broke loose.It turns out that the family of Mohale is against the relationship (this comment is deleted off Somizi’s post). Pakzo87 is Palesa Motaung, big sister to Mohale Tebogo Motaung.  We get her point Mohale is only 24 while Somizi is 44 and will turn 45 in 33 days time.

We admit shem, boy is cute! His teeth are everything!!! When we discussed this with the team we had different views towards this relationship, some were saying the boy still needs to grow, still needs to date within his peering because once some steps are missed in one’s life holes later show. Some also agreed with Palesa’s point that Bahumi (Somizi’s daughter) is the same age as Mohale but Somizi prides himself for his daughter not dating yet he is talking marriage and happiness beyond with a 24 year old. Others raised Somizi’s unknown sickness, they were wondering if Somizi declared it to the child. We actually don’t know what to say about this, it is right yet very wrong. Somizi do the right thing Bhuti.



There’s a gospel artist whose going to pay lobala to a beauty queen this December… Pity we can’t share the deets because we will lose a lot. Be rest assured we will share in due time. Siyabavulela!!!

We came across a free magazine called Gaz’lam when we were donating blood Sunday and the cover girl was our ultimate girl crush Zizo Beda Tshwete. Her husband Mayihlome Tshwete is alleged to be doing the most in these streets. The allegations are of infidelity with both sexes. If the allegations are true Zizo has bagged herself a double adapter of a husband which is nothing new there’s a loooooooooooong list, we’re also on it. One mole said Mayi is close to declaring to his wife about his other ways. Thixo! Can people declare their sexual fantasies to their partners during the dating stages, siyacela bandla.

Sunday Sun had the following stories:

  • Mandla “N” Ngcongwana and wife/Business Partner Tumi Masemola are in a financial brawl. Mandla is accusing Tumi for making unauthorised withdrawals from their business account withdrawals amounting to R2.2 million. Mandla and Tumi must finalise their divorce or they will end up hating if not killing each other. They don’t love each other anymore Mandla is out there doing the most and flirting with every girl that entertains him Mabayeke maarn.
  • Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi are 5 months pregnant. They say Cassper has met with the family of Thobeka and is said to be sending uncles to pay for damages before the baby is born so that the child can have his surname.
  • Dj Cleo was involved in a smash and grab.
  • Actress and Presenter Nomsa Buthelezi is engaged to her lover Sihle Ndara.
  • Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo of West Ink is no more friends with Dj Tira of Afroitainment due to allegations that Dj Tira is stealing their artists and is blocking West ink artists from getting radio airplay and gigs.

That’s it, Have a great Day Further!


Zeeba & Team.

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