Idols SA Top Four!

You would swear just an hour ago was Friday but then again it wasn’t, Friday was on Friday and today is Sunday. One thing for sure, once Sunday evening hits, weekend be gone!

For the second time in a row we opted not to be part of the LIVE Idols SA broadcast due to fatigue, we will again give you a breakdown and feel of today’s episode as Five Idol hopefuls will be down to Four at the comfort of our couch.

Top 5 opening the show off with Pharrell Williams Freedom. The perfomamce was okay, ??not mind blowing not goosebumpy giving feeling either.

Over 12 million votes Botlhale gets the first vote to be in the Top 4. The theme for today is two songs for each contestant 1 a hit from the year they were born the second, a current hit.

Botlhale showing us that he could play a instrument! Mmmhh narce one. Great inspiring song too, the singing was below bar. Bothlale has gone back to choosing bad song choices with this hit of 1993. This performance is disappointing comparing him to last week’s one. Not good at all.

Again Phindy taking BIG risks, tjoe this child doesn’t learn ‘ey. On one side we conclude she’s stubborn she doesn’t learn, ??on the other we feel this child is brave. Last week Mariah Carey’s Butterfly and today Bhut’ Ringo’s 1997 hit Sondela. Mmmhhh we’re 50/50 on this one.

Paxton born in the year 2000 chose to sing Christina Aguilera’s??I turn to you. We at Zeeba respect good vocalists and Christina is one of them. We commend Paxton on her attempt on that very high Christina pitch bridging note, that’s one hell of a note to pull through convincingly and Paxton’s attempt was not so bad. There’s no doubt in our minds that Paxton can sing, but her voice couldn’t fully match our expectations on this song.

Well fitting song choice, Boys II Men’s 1991 hit its hard to say goodbye. Mthokozisi sang beautifully! No faults whatsoever.

To a measurable extent we feel these contestants need proper guidance when it comes to song choices for an example a talented individual like Botlhale would go for one call away is self-sabotage. The song does not compliment his tone. Today Botlhale did not impress us at, with both his performances.

We now give up on Phindy not that that Beyonce song is difficult to pull off but her tone was way off.

Paxton gives us an improved version common. She’s such a cute baby.

We wish Mthokozisi had gone the accapela route with his rendition of JB’s hit what do you mean. We’re confident he would have killed it.

Is it us or Randall seems like he sits there and think about what he will have for breakfast the next day while these contestants are performing? Ibukeka njalo kuthi yazi.


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Mzansi Magic/Mnet.

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