Is It Really Over?

Is it really over? That’s the question on everyone’s lips this Sunday evening as Robert Marawa tweeted ??and face-book (ed)??“I can confirm the rumour & speculation that our relationship with Miss Pearl Thusi ended a few months ago. We continue 2 be good friends though”

We have a few concerns with this though…

Why now Robert, why? Or better yet why publicise something that died months ago. Something that you denied for months. Believe us, you should have let this fizzle out without the public announcement.

Why did you wait this long, who are you trying to protect/impress?

Is this a stunt, or is it genuine?

The tweet somehow lacks ingenuity, we feel.

Most importantly, whose to blame for the break-up? Sifun’kwazi.

After all this hidazation.

Which later turned to this.

And this beauty!

Which led to a LOT of these!

Could this be one of those, let’s wait and see typa situation? Asazi… whatever it is we’ll find out.


Images: googled


Zeeba & Team.


*At the time this article went up, Pearl Thusi had not posted anything on any of her social pages*

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