Make Your X Count This National Voting Day!!!

The 8th of May has finally arrived and there’s no turning  back, today is the day most thought would not come. The moment of South Africans truth. We’ve seen predictions since the president announced this day and social media already has a winner for this year’s national and provincial elections. cringes Over 22 thousand voting stations will be opened nation-wise from 7 am until 9pm.

To all the voters and those that aren’t quite certain as to which political party to vote for, here’s a reminder:

  • ANC (African National Party), was dubbed as the people’s party. The political party has been around for over 100 years. Fought and defeated apartheid in our country. Had impressive leaders such as the late Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and now Cyril Ramaphosa. The party was then tainted by corruption and is now trying to self correct. Do they deserve your vote. YES!
  • EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), a fairly new political party led by former ANC youth league president Julius Malema. Malema was a problem starter as an ANC youth. He is the core of corruption. Now reformed. Worth a vote? We don’t know as they seem to make their promises on ANC’s failures.
  • DA (Democratic Alliance), a white people’s party dressed as a black man. Has zero interests of serving black voters. Worth a vote? Definitely not!
  • FF (Freedom Front), A political party refusing to change. A political party about white supremacy. Does not even deserve a fraction of votes.
  • Don’t even bother voting for any Christian political party as they discriminate the most.
  • UDM (United Democratic Movement), A definite party to give a chance as they have been around for long and they’ve never waivered.

Vote wisely fellow South Africans!!!


Zeeba & Team.

Images: Google.

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