Poor Bonang!

This girl Bonang never rests guys, it’s sad, it really is. Just Curious shared these interesting tweets and DM’s between your girl Bonang Matheba and Amber Run the girl whom she promised to help with fees in February of this year… 7 months later things that make the fees to be paid were still not done.

This is the tweet that started all this.

February 23, is the day this all started. Amber Run tweeted she lost a scholarship to study in China due to outstanding fees.

Subsequent to the tweet these DM’s between Bonang and Amber ensued (24/02/2017). Bonang asks about the outstanding amount and gives Amber her personal e-mail addy.

On 06 March (which is thirteen days later) Bonang starts a conversation with Amber via DM, she says her people have been trying to get hold of her. Amber apologises and shares her number with Bonang. This Amber is showing signs of being irresponsible, someone is helping you but has incorrect contact details. like hello!!! If we were Bonang, We would have given up. Still Bonang accepts her mobile number and writes “I have forwarded your enquiry to the main office. I’ll keep you posted. Cross your fingers boo!!”


People on facebook start weighing in their views, Senzekile Mjoli wrote No One owes her isht… we agree.

Nomsa Mabuya says Bonang’s financial advisor might have advised her against giving the money…might be correct.


Nomthandazo Ndabandaba, makes a valid point, she says Bonang should have communicated that she will be unable to help Amber. Very fair and logical.


The rest were just trolling.

Zeeba and Team.


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