Somizi Does An Impeccable Job As Host At The Sof N Free HairXpert Grand Finale 2017

Last night Somizi played host and MC to SofnFree HairXpert Grand Finale Competition at The Theatre on the Track in Kyalami Midrand. From the moment he stepped on stage people were entertained infact the crowd was happy and pleased to be in his capable hands as MC. Just by a mere mention of his name everyone clapped and looked forward to seeing him out on stage.


As usual he never disappoints with his attires. He came with big curly hair, white platform tower shoes, ripped designed white pants with a matching top and something that looked like wings, stylish wings (lacking a better fashion wording).

Walking on stage the first thing he complained about was his white tower platform shoes. He claimed some gay designers are trying to sabotage him and his career by providing him with shoes he cant walk on??? he carried on grumbling as he was walking back to the nearest place to sit on. He took off the shoes and walked bare foot instead. That was authentic and hilarious at the same time.


He said,??imagine if I were to break my legs with these shoes, my career will be dead.??All this is happening live in front of an admiring crowd and everyone including myself was in stitches throughout the evening


I???m taking my hat off for you Somz for the following reason:

  • Not once you attempted to be someone else than yourself. You were authentic as you could be and some of your minor errors, which I will not even bother to fault you on appeared like and gradually disappeared.
  • You were real Bhut???wam and we ALL loved you! Though you made fun of other people like the Queen and them folks, you were the Somgaza we love.
  • Not once was I bored or thought of someone else doing better what you were doing???not even a thought about future bae occupied my mind while you were presenting (including the entire show???s production). Bravo!
  • I was glued to you, only you.
  • You were relaxed and completely comfortable??? I guess when you share a stage you tend to think about the next person and since you???re often an awkward person to blend with that often works against you. You end up looking rather not good??? speaking from previous shows, if I may.
  • You were fun, amazing, incredible and all the other good things I cant mention in English. Lol. I think your recipe to SERVING hosting is to ALWAYS be authentic (excluding my views about how you sound on radio).

Thank You SofnFree for choosing the most appropriate host for the evening. Please call Somz again next year!


A job Well Done Somizi Mhlongo!


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