This Is Sooo Unnecessary!!!

We find this public denouncement sooo unnecessary!!! We all know the ship sank in 2012 when Lucille??allegedly cheated on??Trevor with a…what did those tweets say? ??READ HERE

and calling her all kinds of despicable names including his mother-in-law.?? Okay back to the note, you never wrote a letter when you started dating seventeen years ago and even when you decided to wed you did not make a public announcement about it. You did your isht and got??married, now??that things are off you’re telling the public. Wanna know what would be of interest to the public???If you could divulge details??as to why you’re??divorced. That we would like to know. Enye-nenye si-grand ngayo. Besides isht happens to everyone of us at different times, either move on, tell your friends and believe it on not, once you tell your friends??we will know about it??too.

Another couple headed to split-ville is Unathi Nkayi and Thomas Msengana. We don’t have the deets as to what is going on there yet, but we can tell you this, Unathi has been doing the most these days. She socialises more (or posts photos of her happy self with friends and more). We feel she is kind-a claiming her life back ??in some way or the other. We also know that she does not wear her ring anymore, so jah! We hope the Msengana’s are not going to follow suit and??write us (the public) a letter telling us they’re through. Because we can see they’re off, the least they can do is tell us why they parted ways in order for us not to speculate, yabo.

Lets look at these couples happy photos/times:

The Gumbi Family at the Savanna Comic Choice Awards.

Unathi and Thomas Msengana.

Happy Friday!!!


Zeeba & Team.


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