Trevor And Lucille Are Through!

Just In, well maybe not just in but it is fresh news, Trevor and Lucille Gumbi have finally called quits to the holy matrimony after a good 11 years of trying at it. We reported on the shaky marriage over a year ago while we were still with Just Curious, because we saw and heard that they were going through the most. The sad part is that for almost 4 years the duo tried to keep a united front for the public while back home things weren???t as glossy. It???s really sad. It is alleged dooms-day came to the couple???s life when Lucille was rumoured of cheating on Trevor in 2012. Remember these tweets of 2012?

He later blamed it on being high, but we know men don???t take cheating easy as women do.

Five years post the tweets this is the outcome.. They both posted the same caption this morning.

We feel really sorry for the kids.

*deep sigh*

Zeeba & Team

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