TV Shows We Love And Some Not So Much.

Since the car broke down we’ve been spending most of our time indoors catching up with some telly and we found asking ourselves what makes good t.v. Is it the presenter, production or content/guests and we think it’s all these components combined. That’s what makes good t.v. Let’s take a look at some television shows that caught our attention in a good way and some not.

KFC Taste Kitchen is definitely a show we heart. The production is crisp and of high quality not to mention resident judges Chef Lucia Mthiyane and Lentswe. Lucia has really grown to be good at this cooking thing. Lentswe on the other side is new to us but, really got us hooked with his knowledge of ukutya and his articulation nje. We enjoyed the judge’s insights and engagements with amaContestants on the show.

The only gripe we have with the show is that they’re not giving us the contestants names during the show. Our favourite couple was Aquella and Ruan ??(excuse the spelling), they were later voted out. We cried as well as Lucia when they had to leave the show. Such good cooks. Though the show is nearing the finale you can still watch it especially if you love cooking like we do, you will sure enjoy this show. Catch KFC Taste Kitchen Friday’s at 19:00 on Mzansi Magic channel 161. We smell a second season coming up! You see we didn’t talk about the host Ms Bonang Matheba because the show and it’s content is incredible without her amazing self.

Idols SA is in it’s 13th season this year but it seems they started the season on a shaky feel. There’s something offish about this season but we can’t quite put our finger on it, yet. Let’s hope the show will improve as it progresses. You can catch South African hopeful singers on Idols SA Sundays live on Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 17:00.

Massive Music, a new music show also on Mzansi Magic presented by Lalla Hirayama and Smash Afrika. The show is okay-ish wethu, it has some fresh features and the Smash Afrika dude is loud like those YOTV kids loud. Tone it down dude, tone it down no need to shout the Mic is right there under your chin, switched ON! The show is Friday’s at 21:30.

BET Africa has introduced a new show called The Big Secret to be hosted by Ms Khanyi Mbau. Did Khanyi do a boob-job? Was the first question that came to mind when we saw ??the show’s pilot, her boobies appeared to be bigger than normal. Or maybe we’re wrong. Alright back to the show, initially we would have shut down the show but since we know people love to be on tv with scandalous jaw dropping stuff we will watch. The show might be a BIG success. We can’t wait to see what secrets SA folks are going to spill-out. We hope families are not going to be broken, further because of this. Keep it on BET Africa channel 129 to catch the new show.

The Scoop is on SABC 3 Wednesday at 21:00 it’s a celebrity kinda gossip show hosted by Ms Mbau. We love the show, it’s clean, informative, nice, fun and all the other nice things. More like what we do here at Zeeba but on tv. Lol. We have been saying Khanyi Mbau is baus with TV presenting and an even amazing actress she must just leave radio. It’s not for her.

David Tlale The Intern (is coming to an end) is driving our family in Port Elizabeth cray-Cray. In other words they LOVE it. They’re convinced David is a mean individual but we corrected them on that opinion, we told them he is just a straight talker. ??The Intern by David Tlale is a show about aspiring designers and the winner gets to be Davids assistant for a year amongst other prizes. To get the glimpse on the show tune to SABC3 Wednesdays at 19:30 -20:30. We hope SABC will agree to commission a second season, TV and David Tlale = Love!

Motswako is a show we don’t watch religiously but when we tune in we never change the channel because the show is well put and brings relatable authentic stories to the core. With Mapaseka Mokwele as anchor, we love. Motswako plays on SABC 2 Wednesdays at 20:30.

*deep sigh* Why do we still have Selimathunzi guys, why ? *cries hysterically* We wrote on Just Curious how the two male presenters landed the presenter jobs. It was alleged both male presenters had to perform bedroom acts with the show’s producer (co-founder of Feather Awards) and his friend(s) which later led to us (Just Curious) to be banned on The Feather Awards of that year. Just so we’re clear, we are not against the sexual nepotism that allegedly took place for the two fellas to get bread, ??we know isht happens and the fickle entertainment industry thrives on favours (allegedly). What we WERE and ARE still saying is, couldn’t they at the least get talented people than the bland ones they managed to bag. Khanya Mkangisa is a good presenter but her alone can’t revive the show.??We grew up watching the show, we love it, ??we have nothing but good intentions. Producer’s get creative or close shop.

We loved The Real Talk with Anele.

When this show started we were still dealing with a heartbreak, a heartbreak caused by the ending of Avatar: The Last airbender on NickToons. We were not ready to part ways with an incredible animation series with an amazing story line and characters. Tjoe this was a lot to loose shem. For a matter of fact we didn’ t have any reason to watch Cartoon Network until we were in Port Elizabeth when our niece demanded we tune in as it was her favourite. We did, she at 5 introduced us to all the main characters and their roles and since then we were hooked. Earlier this year there was a rumour that the show was going to be canned, we’re glad it hasn’t because we enjoy the naughty of Mordecai and Rigby. The Regular Show plays on Cartoon-Network channel 301.

I Love South Africa is one of the good shows on the telly. It’s funny, fun, informative or educational with a killer anchor, Masechaba. I love South Africa plays on etv.

SABC 1 has bagged a show and a half with The Gospel Avenue. The presenter for the show is the show. Khaya Mthethwa does his thing with so much ease and finesse. Features are fresher than fresh. We’re not the ones to watch a Gospel show but with Gospel Avenue we feel right at home. You can catch this amazing show Sundays at 09:00 am.

Why would a well rounded news-reader be making silly mistakes on Prime-time? For a long while now Vuyo Mvoko keeps making silly mistakes live on air, it’s like he has not gotten the hang of news reading. Uyadika because he has been reading news. Prime time anchors have to have chemistry, like Jeremy and Iman, Bra Dan and Uveka, they’re able to play around and also cover each other but, you can’t find the same with Vuyo and Cathy. Cathy tries she really tries but Vuyo always drops the ball. This lack of chemistry between Cathy and Vuyo makes watching Prime-time news a nightmare but, we watch anyway.

Still with Enca readers that Motheo guy, the one that reads business bulletins usiqeda amandla, one silly mistake after the other as if he did not have time to run through his bulletin. Big ups to Thembekile Mthororo lad, he reads sooooo nice. We love.

Khmbul’ekhaya is one of the best shows to ever hit our television! Catch Andile bringing Khumbu to us on Wedenesday 21:00 on SABC1.

Our ultimate gang *blushes* We heart Penguins of Madagascar, they come on NickToons.


That’s it!


Zeeba & Team.

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