We Will Never Forget You. Hero Of Heroes, Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

On 26 September 1936?? Columbus together with Getrude??Madikizela gave birth to a baby girl by the name of Winnie.??Who grew up to be a revolutionists in all spheres??and became the mother of our country if not continent.??Mam’ Winnie has endured what most women or men??could not even imagine doing. Mama has seen and experienced??it all under the apartheid government but, she still stood strong and fought for our people. She turns 81 today and will never be forgotten!

Mama sibulel’ Umdali ngobukho bakho, Sibulel’ekugcinile kuzo zonke iinzima that you experienced in your entire??life. Amanxeba wakho are too big and deep??to fathom. Yanga abahleli nawe this day make you feel and see that you’re more than theirs you are the world and we love you. Yanga Umdali akuphe many years to come!

We feel like we know you??though we never met you. A true activist! Hero of heroes! A true Icon!


Zeeba & Team.

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