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I know we came to know you via Idols SA competition, prior to that we didn’t know you.
Zeeba: Please enlighten us as?? to “Who Is” Keegan Martins, where is he from and what is he about?

  • Keegan: Keegan Martin is a young 25 year old man ,born in the Free state and grew up in Johannesburg, Keegan is also a young man full of passion, ambition and goals, Extremely focused and never leaves space for a negative mentality, always looks on the bright side .

Zeeba: Please take us through your life pre and post Idols. What has changed and how?

  • Keegan: basically my life pre post Idols was not much different from my life after Idols because since a tender age I always knew I would grow up to be a professional singer. I started singing at the age of 7, I Remember how I would always sing in the bathroom and whenever the family would have friends over I would put on a show for them and sing. I then joined my primary school choir in Grade 3 and would be given lead parts, later in high school I was known as the school singer as I would sing at assembly, school plays or revues, the School even took me to the recording studio from grade 8 all the way up to 12 annually for there School play.?? I also joined my church worship team at the age of 13 being the youngest singer in the group, we would travel a lot from place to place to perform as a gospel group called New Experience. I then became a solo artist and would perform at a lot of churches in my own capacity, about just over a year ago before I moved into the idols house I had a huge show that I put together for myself, so music has always been apart of me .

Zeeba: We’ve never had an opportunity to speak in-depth about your time at Idols apart from singing. How were you guys in the Idols house, who was the most annoying or inspiring person amongst you guys? Please don’t tell us about Noma, as she was everyone’s favourite. Lol.

  • Keegan: My time in the idols house was an amazing experience, it was a period of extreme growth because of all the rehearsals and long hours of choreography and I must say the food was absolutely amazing. I had a great relationship with all contestants in the house because we all got along, however it is only normal that, that many people in one house would have differences as well, however we were not in the house to make friends only but also to work hard and stay focused so any differences we had in the house we’re quickly forgotten

Zeeba: Was being on Idols advantageous for you?

  • Keegan: Being on IDOLS South Africa season 12 last year was most definitely an adventurous experience for me simply because I left a permanent Job that many young men my age would love to have because at my age all one wants is assurity, but however I believe that in life one needs to take risks in order to experience a better life for one self, So me leaving my job for Idols all worked out in the end because I now have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

Zeeba: A little birdie told us you and former competition mates were starting a band. How true is that?

  • Keegan: This is very true, Myself, Bevin Samuels and Loyiso Gijana from season 11 started a boy band called 15SIX straight after the competition.

Zeeba: And how is that going?

  • Keegan: Since then we have had many tours all around the country, some provinces we have been invited to more than once. We have also visited a lot of towns such as Grahams-town, Beaufort West, Uitenhage, King Williams Town, Oudtshoorn, Jeffery’s Bay, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town as well as places as far as Namibia. We discovered that there was a great demand for the three of us all over the country and we also came to the realisation that at the moment there is almost no boy bands in our country that are very well known ,we are a Proudly South African boy band ,that represent different culture groups and races ! As we believe we are all one in this country ,we are working dropping a single as the band ! Apart from the band we are still very supportive towards each other’s solo careers too. All I can say about 156 is that people will be pleasantly surprised with what we have up our sleeves.

Zeeba: Please describe to us??a typical day for Keegan.

  • Keegan: Keegan on a typical day would be working none stop on his brand and on his craft. Waking up writing songs, spending a lot of time in the studio. However when I am not working I really enjoy watching a good movie and just relaxing indoors getting all the rest I need so that I can have enough energy to get back to working on my future.

Zeeba: We see you like to take your sister with as a plus one at most events, why?

  • Keegan: Where do I start? Well my sister , she is not only my sister but she is also my personal stylist as she is known as a style icon herself. She is also one of my career advisors as she also manages up and coming Artists in Cape Town, she has recently worked with people such as the Legendary Freshly Ground. She is also a fashion Designer /Fine Art Artist, she’s currently helping various up and coming clothing labels to customize their clothing ,at the young age of only 20 Cherelle Martin mostly known as Shalla is currently sitting on 22 thousand followers on instagram because amongst all things she is also a model in the making. So to answer your question she is a huge inspiration to me even though I am her older brother , so when I go to events and she is around in Johannesburg I will take her along, as she resides in Cape Town .

Zeeba: Are you not dating? A fine young man like you would be assumed to be linked with someone.

  • Keegan: I am not in a relationship at moment because I am way too focused on my career goals, however I haven’t found the right lady yet but I am still definitely on the lookout for the right one .

Zeeba: Now that you’ve had quite some time off Idols, What do you think you could have done different?

  • Keegan: There is absolutely nothing that I would have done differently because I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that what ever I did in idols was meant to be for my career going forward.I have absolutely no regrets

Zeeba: What are you doing about your life at this present moment?

  • Keegan: Currently I am in a band called 156 that requires a lot of work from each individual because there is a great demand for the band from people who supported us individually throughout the competition ,As well corporate companies that choose to use us as their regular entertainment for their annual events. Then in my own Capacity as Keegan Martin I am currently in studio working on material that I will be using to compile a album in the near future. I am also working with some charity organizations to assist where I can. I work with some Malls and private companies to assist them with entertainment for all their up and coming events such as ,youth day and Valentine’s day ,fathers day and so forth. I am working closely with my team on my brand as Keegan Martin ,this includes my social media platforms and my image and so forth . All of this requires hard work and passion because without those two key points everything I am doing would have not been a possibility .

Zeeba: If you were to release an album what would your (ideal) genre be?

  • ??Keegan: I am generally known as the soulful guy which I am, however I would like to leave that answer for after I release my first album. I would like what ever I do to represent who I truly am as an artist and singer .

Zeeba: If you had one wish to make reality, what would it be and why?

  • Keegan: The one wish I have is to become not only a world wide artist but one that inspires the world through my music ,to be one that would leave a legacy behind for the next few generations to come after I am gone one day. I would wish to leave a mark in the music industry as a whole. I would wish to be in a position to help other’s reach their dreams the same way I will. That would be my wish!

Zeeba: What is it we hear about you singing gospel music?

  • Keegan: I grew up singing in the church since the age of 13 ,I have always had a great love for Gospel music and probably will always have because I am a child God. I am not ashamed to say that, My inspiration to always connect to my audience and to connect to the song comes from my experience singing gospel the church.

Zeeba: Any regrets about your life thus far?

  • Keegan: I have absolutely no regrets concerning my life as I believe that everything one goes through in life, whether bad or good it will prepare me for where I need to be in my musical Journey going forward .

Zeeba: Do you have any advice that you wish to share with Zeeba readers and or Idols hopefuls and the music industry as a whole?

  • Keegan: My advice to all Zeeba readers,Idols SA hopefuls and the music industry as a whole would be ,never give up on your dreams! No dream is an Impossible one, all can be made a reality when coupled with hard work ,determination , passion and the ability to never??be afraid to be nobody else but yourself. Always be true to who you are, never compete with others out there but focus on your own hustle and you will see everything will work out no matter what career choice you have this applies to all! Always be you !

Zeeba: ??We’ve come to the end of our probing, the floor is yours to say anything that you wish to share or clear.

  • Keegan: I would like to thank all my supporters that voted for me during Idols SA days it really is much appreciated if it wasn’t for everyone’s belief in me would have not been able to start fulling my purpose and dreams. I love you all and I will continue making you all proud and giving back to all my supporters by giving you all good music .

Instagram @all.the.cool.names.we’re.taken_
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Twitter on @yourkeegan

Facebook Fan Page name Idols Sa Keegan Martin

Thank you and God bless


Zeeba: Thank you very much for allowing us in your space.

Zeeba & Team.

Photos supplied by Keegan Martins.

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