Who Is; Khangelani “Khangi” Dziba!

It is the extremist of the truth when they say dynamites come in small packages, but in Khangi???s case, we rephrase the saying and say, dynamites come in colourful packages. We remember the first time we met this incredible young man in 2015/16 when we were still pushing for Just Curious. We were at a True Love cover celebratory party in Melrose Arch. True Love was celebrating the success of their Pearl Modiadie cover of that year.

What we saw in Khangi was a young humble man until we coincidentally shared a table that night. We learn that Khangi is indeed a grounded individual with tons of life.

Fast forward to today when we???ve learnt of Khangi as a Senior Consultant and we felt he would be appropriate for our feature.

Without wasting any of your time, now that you???re Senior Consultant we bet time is of importance *jokes* Let???s get to it???

Zeeba: The name of our feature is ???Who Is??? so it would be fitting for us to ask you, Who is Khangi, where is he from and what is he about?

  • Khangi: Oh wow, what a loaded but beautiful question. My name is Khangelani Dziba and I am a young professional, who at the at of 26 has managed to find their pot of gold and am milking it for what it is worth! I am from the beautiful Mother City ??? Cape Town but have found home is Joziburg.What am I about? Jeez, well, growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be something of a great story.??Looking at my journey today, I have to say, I???ve come far and am better off than where I was before.??Through my journey I have endeavored to find my voice and place in the world and boy has it been a ride.With that said, I think I want to be known for having found my voice in writing and speaking & have found joy in exercising this muscle in the Marketing and Brand Communications space. There???s more to come but I think I will leave it here for now hahaha.

Zeeba: We believe you hail from Cape Town. What has been the change like from being a Cape Town lad to a Jozi flyer?

  • Khangi: The change from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape and finally Jozi has been the most amazing. I have always been a free spirit and have always wondered what it would be like to live outside of my hometown. To date, I have had no regrets whatsoever. I love it here and I think there is loads more that is going to happen for me and my growth.
  • The one challenging part though has been being away from my family who are all based in the Mother City. There is no day that goes by without me thinking of them but I know that they understand the bigger goal and vision. And because of that, they have allowed me to be the free spirit that I am.

Zeeba: We know you work for one of the best (if not the best) Branding and PR company in the Continent. School us on what does Branding and PR entail?

  • Khangi: Working for DNA Brand Architects is one of the most amazing experiences if not the most thrilling I have had in my life. This is where I have been able to actualize my dreams as a creative professional.The Branding and PR space is very vast and really deals with so many facets of client???s needs. At DNA, we usually refer to what we do as, ???Making wow stuff and coming up with creative solutions to client???s everyday needs,???. This usually entails dealing with strategic matters, media partnerships and all in all, helping brands communicate their brand narrative and objectives in ways that will speak authentically to consumers.

Zeeba: Please tell us about your school life as well as your career thus far.

  • Khangi: I am a Rhodes University honours graduate and completed both my degrees in Journalism (Communications); after which I realized a career in Marketing and Brand Communications is where I needed to be. I have enjoyed a career in different communications spaces but none which match the joy and experience I have had with DNA Brand Architects over the last three years. My career has exposed me to different facets of the industry and has allowed me to tap into different passion areas of mine like health communications and generally, the lifestyle space. I love strategy and have been fortunate enough to be able to practice this on a daily.

Zeeba: We recently came to know that you???re no longer an ordinary Joe. Lol. You are now a Senior Consultant. Tell us how did that come about as well as brands you???ve worked on.

  • Khangi: Come on now, you know I am still the same old Khangi, hahaha! Maybe in better clothes, a better and promising career path and well, living my dream, but I am still the same Khangi you met in 2015 lol!
  • My story is of sheer determination that was met by a man that believed in me and gave me a chance to actualize my ambition. As mentioned earlier, growing up I always knew I wanted to be something great but that would not happen if I was in the comfort of my home, Cape Town. So, I took a bold step to move from the beautiful city lights to the dry rural Grahamstown where I completed my studies. I then moved to Johannesburg where my career began and I have not looked back since.My work has exposed me to fields like law and banking where I learnt a lot about communications in those spaces, but there has been no better experience than working in the marketing and brand communications space. No day is the same as the other and I have to be honest, there is no better thrill than meeting new challenges daily. Some of the brands that I have worked on include but are not limited to, USAID, Nedbank, Sifiso Learning Group (SLG), New York based Sentio, Brutal Fruit, Vodacom and most recently Brand Bonang and VOOV, a new live streaming platform. A lot, I know but very much necessary for one???s growth and diversity.

Zeeba: What would you say are challenges and or misconceptions that you had to overcome in this industry?

  • Khangi: It would have to be??that as a young, black and openly gay professional you cannot be greater than where you started. This for me has been one of the biggest challenges and myths I have made it my mission to demystify and prove null- and-void. The road is long ahead and needs advocates to champion the cause but we are well on our way!

Zeeba: Does Khangi have a motto if so, what is it?

  • Khangi: Success is not built overnight and it is unsympathetic to the lazy. Find your mojo and milk it for what it is worth.

Zeeba: Give us a typical Khangi day?

  • Khangi: Week days are usually different to weekends but similar in a way so here goes:
  • Wake up at 7am
  • Check my social media pages for updates
  • Head to the gym and come back home and prepare for work
  • Get to the office where I manage teams and clients from about 09:30am ??? 19:00pm on average
  • Go back home and prepare din-din or link up with a few potential baes for drinks (none have made the cut yet through hahaha!!!)
  • Read a few pages from a book after taking shower
  • Head to bed
  • Then it all starts again?????

Zeeba: We see you and your social pages nothing less of perfection. Are you a stylist or fashionista by any chance???

  • Khangi: Hahaha! None of the above babe. I just love looking good and enjoy living a quality lifestyle. I am far from perfect but I do wish to actualize my dreams and make good memories along the way.

Zeeba: I don???t know if you haven???t noticed, most people in PR/Branding space end up starting their own hustle on the side. Do you ever see yourself embarking on that journey and why?

  • Khangi: I think professional development and fulfillment is everyone???s end game. No one ever wants to be in the same position forever. Fortunately for me, I have had some great alignments along the way and have managed to create great experiences that will pave the way for my journey. I am very happy with where I am now but am open to receiving what the universe has to in store for me.

Zeeba: What would you tell someone in Cofimvaba that aspires to be in PR/Media/Branding space?

  • Khangi: With a good head on your shoulders and willingness to work hard for your dreams, you can achieve anything. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are valid and you will eventually actualize them. Don???t give up and don???t ever let the hurdles along the way distract you from the end goal. Shut out the noise and focus on you! You owe it to yourself.

Zeeba: What tools should they possess at the least to make a success in this industry?

  • Khangi: Good written skill.
  • And believe in your ideas!
  • Great articulation of the self.

Zeeba: What motivates you?

  • Khangi: I take my motivation from different walks of life and the experiences I have had in my 26 years of being alive. Most importantly, I pray and speak to the universe every day, which in turn speaks back to me through the positive vibrations I have with the many people I have met and continue to meet on a daily basis who shape my outlook on life.

Zeeba: Any hidden talents or talents that people don???t know about?

  • Khangi: I love dancing and cooking. I am most happy when I am able to do these two things. If you want to see more of what I am talking about, follow me on my Instagram (@khangi_d) and Twitter (@khangelanidziba), you won???t be sorry hahaha!

Enkosi Kakhulu for you time. We have indeed learned a whole lot about you from this piece. Keep, on keep keeping on!



Zeeba & Team


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